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Keeping Yourself Organized: 3 Habits to Create

Creating small habits to keep yourself organized is crucial. When we form these habits it will ultimately take the struggle out of doing chores, such as organizing.

It will take some initial discipline and repetition in the beginning, but once you have this ingrained in your everyday life, it will require little to no effort to maintain. Not to mention, once you have this down, your kids will seeing this and mirror this lifestyle.

By improving your everyday routine, you will be teaching your family life long skills they will need to be successful. Today I’m sharing with you 3 habits you should focus on when trying to keep yourself, your home, and family organized.

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My Laundry Routine for a Family of 5

Today I am sharing with you our one day laundry routine. This is great for big families like ours to save a bunch of time and hassle on a regular basis. By dedicating one day, I can free up other days of the week to focus on other tasks. I really enjoy batching my work.


Curious how we get it done? Keep reading. If you try this yourself I would LOVE to hear about your experience. 

This is our one day laundry routine for big families. I like to tackle it all on one day, here is how.
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How We Store a Month of Groceries in a Tiny Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how the heck I store a month of groceries in our home? Well Pearl, I’m letting you in on a few of my secrets in today’s monthly food storage post. 

I want you to know exactly how we store a months worth of groceries in our tiny home so you can be inspired to make room in your own home. Just to clarify to you, a monthly haul includes anything that can last in the fridge, freezer or pantry for 30 days!

These tips will work for anyone, even those with a small kitchen space, because as you can see in the video, we don’t have a PANTRY 😱! Real life, real life, real life, lol!


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Living Debt Free in a High Cost of Living Area

We live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Home prices continue to increase faster than most other major cities, but the high expenses don’t stop there. Utilities, transportation, food, healthcare, and taxes all on average are higher in this beautiful city. This post contains 5 ways to live debt free in a high cost of living city. 

Despite those odds stacked against our wallet, there are a lot of opportunities to save money and grow our side incomes while living in a high cost of living area. 


When living in a city with a high cost of living, it’s especially a huge help to know ways to save money. These 5 tips to save money when living in a high cost of living area will help you stretch your money. Continue Reading →


11 Essentials of a Back to School Shopping List – FREE PRINTABLE Shopping List on a Budget Worksheet

This post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting Pennies Into Pearls by using my links! Keep reading to learn more about my back to school shopping list. 


When it comes time to start checking off your back to school shopping list, those receipts add up super fast! Be careful!

Don’t get carried away! As you walk into the stores or start searching the internet there is a single important tip that you need to follow to make sure you don’t go over budget!

Just like with your grocery shopping on a budget, you can not start shopping without a back to school shopping list that has an estimated cost for each item!

Doing your back to school shopping on a budget is a game changer! No more mom stress about spending the money! This FREE PRINTABLE Back to School Shopping List will help you get all the basic essentials for your kid’s back to school outfits and back to school supplies. To get it all and stick to a set budget and still make it all work! Continue Reading →


Our Family Summer Routine for Kids

Kids thrive when they have sort of order to their day. That is where your summer routine for kids comes into play! In order remain “the fun mom” and still compose some sort of sanity, you have to find a balance of fun and order.

Use this FREE Summer Schedule for Kids Printable to get your family motivated to get the important chores out of the way to make room for fun summer activities.

Use this FREE Summer Schedule for Kids Printable to get your family motivated to get the important chores out of the way to make room for fun summer activities. Your summer schedule for kids will help create a summer routine for kids that they love and learn the rewards of working hard. Continue Reading →