My Laundry Routine for a Family of 5

Today I am sharing with you our one day laundry routine. This is great for big families like ours to save a bunch of time and hassle on a regular basis. By dedicating one day, I can free up other days of the week to focus on other tasks. I really enjoy batching my work.


Curious how we get it done? Keep reading. If you try this yourself I would LOVE to hear about your experience. 

This is our one day laundry routine for big families. I like to tackle it all on one day, here is how.

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My Laundry Routine for a Family of 5

Be sure to watch the video to get details on all the budget friendly laundry products I use every week.

Once a Week or Once a Day?

I currently do laundry once a week. What do you do, laundry once a week or one load a day?  Let’s chat in the comments! I have never tried the one load a day strategy, though I just might give it a try soon…

But I don’t know! In all aspects of my life I like to batch tasks, so we will see about that transition…


Dedicate a Day

Every week I currently make laundry day either Tuesday or Wednesday. Choosing laundry day just depends on our schedule.


Start the Night Before

If I’m really on my A-Game I will remember to start a load of laundry the night before. That way I have a load ready to be folded first thing in the morning. It doesn’t take much work at all to get this done and it gives me a huge head start on laundry day.


Keep the Loads Going!

All morning long I keep the dirty loads of laundry going in the washer and clean coming out of the dryer. I don’t make it a priority to fold right away. Thank you master bed for temporarily housing my clean laundry!


It’s Folding Time

There are two times of day that work great for me to get the laundry folded AND put away. I get this done either during kids homework time or after the kids bedtime and fold with hubby. 


Make Dinner Easy

I choose an super easy dinner to go along with laundry day. That way I can use that block of time usually dedicated to dinner prep to be used for folding laundry. 


What do you do?

Do you do your laundry all in one day, or do you do one load of laundry every day? Maybe you don’t have any routine at all and that’s why you’re here. Let’s chat in the comments!



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