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Our Kid’s Schooling Plans for 2021/2022

With the pandemic hopefully over (fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!) , we have been left with several different schooling options in our community. Are you feeling overwhelmed with school starting back? Are you excited to start the school year? Our family is ready and excited to start a new normal around here. I want to share with you our kid’s schooling plans for 2021/2022!

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Our Summertime Routine 2019

Summertime can get a little tiny bit crazy around our house, but you guys have really been requesting this video so I wanted to take you along for the crazy ride. Today I am sharing with you our Summer Routine. 

I am going to give you a little sneak peek into how the blocks of our day work during the Summer months so you can organize your Summer and minimize the chaos. 

What are the biggest struggles you have with Summer routines for your kids? Do you find it easier or more difficult to plan your days when the kids are in school or out of school? 


In today’s video I am sharing with your our entire family summer routine from morning until night. You will learn tips on how to manage your family routine and schedule to help avoid fighting and how to have a great summer! Continue Reading →


5 Tips for Back to School Shopping on a Budget 2019

This back to school shopping on a budget post is sponsored by Ibotta. Thank you for supporting Pennies Into Pearls by using my links at no additional cost to you. 

Do you have a list of school supplies sitting on your counter staring you straight in the face? Holy cow! All those little purchases can add up crazy fast! Which is why I am your girl to show you how to do back to school shopping on a budget.

Use these back to school shopping on a budget tips and you can send the kids to class feeling confident that they are fully stocked up with school supplies and ready for a new year of learning! Back to school on a budget doesn’t mean going without, these tips will show you how to save money on back to school so you can buy what your kids need. Continue Reading →


6 Tricks to Save Money on Vacation BEFORE You Go

Have you ever been on vacation with your family and realized you went WAY over budget? Did you notice it was probably on a lot of little things adding up, that you hadn’t planned for? The thing is, you CAN save money on vacation before you even leave!

We have done this so many times I’ve lost count. I know the feeling well. Your trip was supposed to be relaxing and fun, but you came home feeling stressed because the finances are still following you.

Today I am sharing my best tips and reminders about the SURPRISING ways that you can save money and stress before you leave for your vacation! 

Do you tend to overspend on your vacations? I have 6 Money Saving Hacks for Your Next Vacation that are sure to be useful for you. These tricks have helped our family save hundreds of dollars.
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Our Family Finance Rescue Story

This family finance post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting Pennies Into Pearls by using my links!

I know how it feels! The weight of all your financial worries makes you feel like you can barely tread water for one more second before your head goes under! You find it mind baffling that for some unknown TO YOU reason you can not stick to a budget even if your life depended on it.

I am talking about how we got our family finance in order and paid off $20k in debt and how there is hope for you too! I’m sharing my secrets and giving you a dose of serious motivation to get started with your family finances in 2019! Continue Reading →


Summer Bucket List for Families

It took our family four weeks to pull ideas together for this incredibly fun summer bucket list for families!

We can get totally overwhelmed and lost sometimes when trying to think of affordable ways to fill up our summers with tons of fun! I mean, if we had tons of money available to us, then finding activities to do would be pretty easy. But that isn’t the case for us, we have other financial priorities at the moment. But of course, we still want to have fun! How about you, Pearl?

Part of living your Pearl Life is having fun even when you’re working hard to accomplish goals. It is great to plan for the future, but you can still fully bask in the life you are living today! This summer bucket list for families is going to help you guys do exactly that!

This summer bucket list free printable is going to win you some major mom points this summer! List full of cheap summer activities for kids and families that won’t leave your wallet empty. These summer bucket list ideas are going to help your family make this summer epic! Continue Reading →


Guys Gift Guide 2018

This Gift Guide for Guys contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Pennies Into Pearls by using my links at no additional cost to you.

I need you to know that a lot of thought has gone into this gift guide. I have been keeping a running list of gift ideas in my phone over the past 365 days!

Last year I was frantically searching the internet 72 hours before Christmas (thank goodness for Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping!!), trying to find something worthwhile and within budget for hubby. Only to end up buying something he courteously acted excited to recieve. But we both knew it was a flop…

I made it my mission to give him a gift this year that had thought behind it and I could be sure it was something he would actually be stocked to get!

You’re not going to find “Ties” or “Socks” on this gift guide for guys!

What’s more is that I LOVE that I got input from our Pearls for these gift ideas! I put it out there on Instagram last week asking for your best gifts ever given to the men in your life. Dads, hubbies, brothers, uncles, or whoever. If it was a win, I wanted to hear about it!

You guys had some brilliant ideas and I’m excited to have included them in this roundup to share with everyone! So thank you so much!

 Let me help you figure out gift ideas for your guy! This gift guide for guys is full of unique and thoughtful gift ideas that the guys in your life aren’t going to have to pretend they like. They will sincerely be stoked once they open it up! Not to mention, these are all very affordable gift ideas with nothing costing over $50! Need some gift ideas for this Christmas? You’re gonna want to watch this! Continue Reading →