Keeping Yourself Organized: 3 Habits to Create

Creating small habits to keep yourself organized is crucial. When we form these habits it will ultimately take the struggle out of doing chores, such as organizing.

It will take some initial discipline and repetition in the beginning, but once you have this ingrained in your everyday life, it will require little to no effort to maintain. Not to mention, once you have this down, your kids will seeing this and mirror this lifestyle.

By improving your everyday routine, you will be teaching your family life long skills they will need to be successful. Today I’m sharing with you 3 habits you should focus on when trying to keep yourself, your home, and family organized.

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1. Write everything down

The power of putting pen to paper is immeasurable. Whether it’s virtually within your notes app on your phone or if you choose to invest in a journal, write down a to-do list.

This will make everything that much easier to accomplish, especially in the early stages of instilling your organizational habits. A great way to start off each list is with making your bed. This will provide you with an easy task to begin the day and a sense of accomplishment when checking off that assignment so early in the morning. It is crucial to be realistic when writing everything down.

However, if one of your goals is to systemize and clean out the main floor in your house, you will mostly likely not be able to do this within one day. Take it room by room and even make smaller to-do lists to help simplify the tasks in each space.

2. Frequently systemize your belongings

It’s important to make sure that we are continuously decluttering our spaces. If we choose to organize once a month or even once every two weeks, our everyday lives will suffer. A great way to keep our belongings in check is to invest in optimized storage containers.

This way you are able to place structured bins and baskets throughout your home to store items we own in a designated home. Set aside time in the morning or at night to ensure your house and items are in

With the set storage bins, this will be effortless. After a week of dedicating this time to decluttering, you will create a habit to do this without a thought!

3. Delegate responsibilities

Ensure that the whole family is involved with staying organized. Not only will this teach your children some life long skills, it will also help you create a clean and optimized environment for everyone in the family to grow.

Whether you choose to take the chore chart approach or simply encourage the family to pick up after themselves, there needs to be some sort of teamwork when
creating these practices. If you choose the chart route, listen to your children’s opinion. When they have an opinion and a hand in choosing what they will be doing, they will be more likely to keep up with these jobs and have more of a responsibility.

We have a great opportunity to develop better every day practices. Organizing can become second nature! Give yourself the tools to have a productive day and you will see a major improvement in all areas of your life.


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