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Summer Bucket List for Families

It took our family four weeks to pull ideas together for this incredibly fun summer bucket list for families!

We can get totally overwhelmed and lost sometimes when trying to think of affordable ways to fill up our summers with tons of fun! I mean, if we had tons of money available to us, then finding activities to do would be pretty easy. But that isn’t the case for us, we have other financial priorities at the moment. But of course, we still want to have fun! How about you, Pearl?

Part of living your Pearl Life is having fun even when you’re working hard to accomplish goals. It is great to plan for the future, but you can still fully bask in the life you are living today! This summer bucket list for families is going to help you guys do exactly that!

This summer bucket list free printable is going to win you some major mom points this summer! List full of cheap summer activities for kids and families that won’t leave your wallet empty. These summer bucket list ideas are going to help your family make this summer epic! Continue Reading →


8 Disneyland Tips for Saving Money on Hotels That Will Slash HUNDREDS off Your Family Vacation Budget

There is a lot of costs to consider when planning your family Disneyland vacation. The good news is there is always a way to save on every single part of the trip! Today let’s dive into 8 Disneyland tips for saving money on your hotel!

Figuring out where and how to get the best deal on your hotel can be more complicated than you think. It’s not as simple as pulling up a price comparison website because they don’t take into account all the “small” things that can actually save you major cash!

To make sure you are absolutely saving the most money possible on your Disneyland vacation, follow these 8 easy tips!

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Planning your family Disneyland vacation on a budget you have to be sure and get the lowest price possible on your hotel! Use these 8 Disneyland tips for saving money on your hotel to make sure you save big on these 8 hidden costs!


8 Disneyland Tips for Saving Money on Your Hotel

There are always new hotels popping up around Disneyland and the prices are always changing. So instead of telling you exactly where to stay I want to equip you with the Pearl tools necessary to find the best prices on somewhere to stay during your Disneyland vacation!

1. Visit in the off season.

This is probably going to be a major factor into many expenses of your Disneyland vacation but has the highest impact on the cost of you hotel.

To take advantage of the lower hotel prices, shoot to schedule your family vacation sometime between January and Mid March or end of August through September. I know! That’s doesn’t leave many options but it can make a huge difference in the cost of your hotel!

It’s a great idea to always like to look at a Disneyland Crowd Forecaster like IsItPacked.com.


2. Make sure breakfast is included

It is really easy to find a hotel that includes breakfast. If you look at the cost of eating out for breakfast, having it included in your stay could save $10-$20 PER PERSON per day! That could save you around $50-$100 per day for a family of five!

There is always the option of packing your own hotel friendly breakfast food like milk, cereal, and fruit. That’s always a pretty cheap option!


3. You need a refrigerator and a microwave

Speaking of bringing your own food from home. Make sure that wherever you stay has a fridge or mini fridge! Especially if you are traveling with kids, you will want to keep some essentials on hand that you bring from home or grab at a nearby grocery store.

Buying items like milk, juices, string cheese, fruit, or applesauce pouches before you go into the park can save you over 50%!


4. Parking included

Another one of my key Disneyland tips for saving money is to make sure that your hotel stay includes the cost of parking. Sometimes if you book your hotel through a travel agency like Get Away Today you parking will be included but it might not be if you book directly through the hotel.

Hotel parking and even street parking in Anaheim can cost you upwards of $20 a night. If you’re staying an entire week, that’s another $100 that you are saving!


5. Free nights stay

Another great way to stack the savings is to find an offer to get a free nights stay. I see this all the time with Get Away Today! There is always several options of hotels that offer a third or fourth nights stay for free!

Planning your family Disneyland vacation on a budget you have to be sure and get the lowest price possible on your hotel! Use these 8 Disneyland tips for saving money on your hotel to make sure you save big on these 8 hidden costs!

6. Book early

The closer you get to your travel dates, the more likely it will be that the cost of each night’s stay will go up. So book your trip as soon as you have the cash!


7. Share a house airbnb

Yes, technically it’s not a hotel but it’s a lot easier to say “save money on hotels” rather than “save money on your place of lodging”. So… ya get me!

If you are able to share a vacation rental and split the cost with another family, this has to be one of the best Disneyland tips for saving money! Or if you have a large family and would need to rent two or more hotel rooms, this might be an excellent option as well. We are talking savings in the hundreds!!!

When considering vacation rental there are a few things you need to consider when comparing the price.

  • The cost of breakfast that would have otherwise been included in your hotel stay
  • Cleaning fee (Usually $150-$300)
  • Service Fee (Usually $150-$180)
  • Distance to Disneyland (Disneyland parking is currently $20 per car per day)


8. Distance to park to save on shuttle and/or parking

The entire reason you are looking for a place to stay is so you can go enjoy your time at the happiest place on earth! So a another one of my Disneyland tips to save money is to take into consideration for your vacation budget is the cost of parking, shuttle, uber, or however you plan to get there.

The very best option is to find a hotel that is close enough to the park that you can walk. This could save you the cost of parking at the park or taking a shuttle from the hotel.

If a close hotel isn’t a budget friendly option, look into the cost per person of using the hotel shuttle versus ordering an Uber. (I have to give credit to my hubby for this idea!)

If there are just a couple of you in your party then the shuttle is probably the way to go since the cost is usually around $5-$8 per person each day. BUT if you have a party of three or more an Uber might work out to be cheaper since a ride from a hotel within 2 miles of the park will cost you about $8 each way and that cost can cover several people!

If you haven’t used Uber before, you can use my Uber CODE: brittanyc16157ue and you can get your first ride for FREE! (value amounts vary by location)


BONUS! Mock Scenario – Hotel Cost Breakdown vs. Vacation Rental Cost Breakdown

To help give you a better visual of what the cost break down of hotel costs versus AirBnB costs, I created this worksheet for you to take a look at.

Make sure to watch the video to get a better explanation of how I got the numbers for the cost comparison.


Planning your family Disneyland vacation on a budget you have to be sure and get the lowest price possible on your hotel! Use these 8 Disneyland tips for saving money on your hotel to make sure you save big on these 8 hidden costs!


Our Family Summer Routine for Kids

Kids thrive when they have sort of order to their day. That is where your summer routine for kids comes into play! In order remain “the fun mom” and still compose some sort of sanity, you have to find a balance of fun and order.

Use this FREE Summer Schedule for Kids Printable to get your family motivated to get the important chores out of the way to make room for fun summer activities.

Use this FREE Summer Schedule for Kids Printable to get your family motivated to get the important chores out of the way to make room for fun summer activities. Your summer schedule for kids will help create a summer routine for kids that they love and learn the rewards of working hard. Continue Reading →


How to Make Face Paint

You know those days where you have been running around from store to store to just get a couple things? You can only find like one thing at each store. So long ensues your scavenger hunt around town to finish checking off your list.

Then… you get home and realize that you still forgot something! Ahhhh!!!!

You might have guessed this is what happened to me today.

Tonight at our church we had a trunk-or-treat activity and of course the kids dress up. Well, to complete their outfits, the kids needed some face paint. That is exactly what I forgot.

This is such an easy DIY face paint recipe for kids!  Click through to the article for step by step tutorial on how to make washable homemade face paint using only four products!


Just the thought of running out to the store one more time was torture on its own! 

That’s when I thought. “I wonder if I can figure out how to make face paint?”

Cue the choir! Hallelujah! Thank you Pinterest!

I can’t believe how easy it is to figure out how to make face paint! All it takes is four ingredients that you already have at home, mixed together in a bowl, and done! If you want to know how to make face paint, this is the easiest way possible! Continue Reading →


$1 Easy DIY Turban Headband in 10 Minutes

Warning! Because this project for turban headbands turns out fabulous every time, because this project is so cheap to make, and because this project takes less than 10 minutes to complete, you will find yourself completely addicted and having a strong desire to make more!

Here comes another super easy fashion DIY for you! You guys know me and how much I can’t stand to over pay for something that I can easily make myself. Do you ever feel the same way?

That’s what I thought when I first started seeing these turban headbands make their way around the social media scene online. First off, don’t you think that this style is just absolutely adorable?

Turban Headband Pin Continue Reading →


Dollar Store Camping Hacks

Homework, soccer practice, business meetings, PTA assignments, baseball games, project deadlines. Long deep breath…

Does your school year ever sound like this? Busy, busy, busy!

Is your family in desperate need of a vacation? Everyone has been working hard for the last 365 days and now it’s time to relax!

But is your budget, or lack of budget, stopping you? (Sorry about all the questions. But I’m trying to get you thinking! Ya know?)

Camping hacks all for under $1! The best camping hacks that help me have a much more comfortable camping trip! All supplies can be found at the dollar store! Continue Reading →