Why I Clean My Fridge Before Grocery Shopping Day

Grocery shopping day can be stressful. But, it can also be a freeing experience that leaves you feeling accomplished! I am going to tell you why I clean my fridge before grocery shopping day!

Ok, so I am getting ready to do our monthly grocery shopping day. If you are new around here, I do monthly grocery shopping. So that means I buy everything, except for fresh produce and milk, at one time. FOR THE WHOLE MONTH.

I think it is super important to make sure you carve out a little time to make sure you clean out your fridge as a part of your monthly grocery shopping routine. There are two main reasons why I make sure to do this.

  1. I need to see what items I already have or need to stock up on to avoid forgetting or buying to much of something.
  2. I need to make room for all the groceries!

Making a List, Checking it Twice

To start my refrigerator clean out, I take everything out of the refrigerator and place it on the counter. Trust me, some of these items and leftovers I am embarrassed to have left in my fridge! Some of it is STINKY and MOLDY! But, we keep it real here, right?

While I am going through all the food and condiments, I make sure to open jars and bags to make sure I am fully stocked for the month! I noticed I needed ketchup and dried fruit. I keep a pencil and paper handy, and write down those items as I am checking everything.

A Clean Fridge is a Happy Fridge

After everything is out of the fridge, I need to get it nice a clean. I just use a multi-purpose spray and wipe down the inside real good. One day soon, I will need to do a deeper clean but, this is what I have time for today.

After I get all those crumbs out and get the produce drawers nice and clean, its time to put everything back nice and neat. Now, I have a nice, clean fridge to put all my groceries in on monthly grocery shopping day!

Watch My Clean With Me Video Here!

Try this routine out for a few months! I promise, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time on it, just a quick 20 minutes a month can help your grocery shopping day and budget ALOT!



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