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Spring Cleaning for $5 or Less!

Are you ready for spring cleaning? Don’t worry, you got this! Try focusing on one room at a time to make the entire process a little easier.

Each week tackle two rooms in your house, dedicating one day for each room. Start at the top and work your way down. Crown molding, walls, furniture, and then on to the floors.

But before you get started you need to know which cleaning products to use, right? Be careful when choosing because all those expensive products can add up to a hefty spring cleaning cost.

Spring Cleaning Tips all done for $5 or Less! Five tried and tested cleaning products from the Dollar Tree to help with your spring cleaning this year! Continue Reading →


How to Organize Your Pantry – Dollar Tree Organization

I have always wanted to be one of those people who have a specific spot for every little trinket that finds its way into my home. Those people know exactly how to organize everything and anything!

Are you one of those people? Can we please be friends? I need you to teach me your ways!

In the mean time, I am slowly conquering one small corner of my house at a time. With Dollar Tree near by, there is no excuse! They have SO many options when it comes to affordable organization supplies.

How to Organize Your Pantry for under $10! Tips on how to organize your pantry and how to keep it organized. Love Dollar Tree organizers! How to organize on a budget. Continue Reading →


5 Tips for Moms to Have a More Productive Day

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Having a routine and plan is key when it comes to getting things done and being productive. I’m not just talking to the business world out there. Moms, I’m talking to you!

I know that the mere mention of the word “plan” can send some people into an instant panic. If that person is you, take a minute and a deep breath, this is going to be easy!

Are you someone who feels like you have been busy all day but don’t seem to get anything done?

These five tips are going to help you organize your time in a way to have a much more productive day! All these tips are tried and tested! These are all things I do in my daily and weekly routine that I have found to help eliminate stress and help to get things done!

Tips for moms to be more productive and manage their time. Easy things to do each to be more productive as a mom. Continue Reading →


I’m So Glad You Are Here!

With it being a new year and there are a lot of new faces around here, I thought it was time to update my “about video”. I get a little excited when I start talking about living frugal AND fabulous!

I am super excited to meet you and I hope that you enjoy this video! If you are looking for fun and informative videos on how to live frugal and fabulous then you don’t want to forget and SUBSCRIBE HERE to my YouTube channel. 

While you are still here, take a look around the blog. Here are a few places you might want to start:

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Tips to Organize Toys – The One Toy Box Rule

I did something today that I wish I had started years ago. I have officially organized the toys that were slowing suffocating my house! Guess what, it wasn’t hard and you can do it too!

Ahh! I can breath again!

Do you know that feeling I am talking about? Does it feel like your kid’s toys are creeping into every available space in your home? Oh. My. Goodness. I just couldn’t take it for a single second longer.

Here are some budget friendly and super easy tips for toy organization. Our kid's toys were out of control! See how we fixed that problem with this easy way how to get organized! Easy How To Organize tips! Continue Reading →


Happy New Year… 2016 Sneak Peek!

Isn’t the New Year so inspiring and motivating? There is something special about the beginning of a New Year and all the possibilities of change and improvement!

Have you set any goals for the New Year? Let me know in the comments bellow! Sharing goals makes them a little more real and keeps you a little more accountable. I personally love hearing other people’s goals because their goals motivate me to do better!

Are you feeling like this is the year you want to live frugal AND fabulous?!

This is my favorite website / blog for learning to live frugal and fabulous! Best tips for frugal living and having a fabulous life! Continue Reading →


Organize These 3 Things to Save Money

This is a topic I hope to be sharing more about, organization! It would be a dream to have my house one day look like those beautiful Pinterest photos of every little thing living in their perfect little spot.

My house is nowhere near that, but one day it will happen! Baby steps.

Are you obsessed with organizing? Or is that something you want to work on in the New Year? Did you know that the more you keep things organized the more you can save money?

#3 is what I need help with. Organize these three things to save money. Simple tips on 3 things you can organize to save money. Continue Reading →


How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies

Have you ever seen those beautiful before and after pictures of a nicely organized closet? The ones where everything is color coordinated, pretty baskets and bins are all matching. Do you ever wish that your closets looked like those?

I have! The problem I always run into when I try to attempt this seemingly magical feat is that to buy baskets and containers that all match each other can be crazy expensive. One pretty basket on it’s own can cost more than $15 each! If you need more than a few, your price tags are quickly adding up to be more than $100!

No way! That is insane and a pretty closet is not worth it! But don’t you worry! I am going to show you how to organize your closet and only spend a few pennies. I was able to organize 2 large closets and made them look beautiful for under $15. There are only three tips you need to know to do the same thing.

How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget!

Look at a thrift store
The secret… thrift store finds! For a few weeks I would go into the thrift store and search their isles for any sturdy office organizing tools. Things like stackable files, desk organizers, pencil holders, and paper holders were all things that I found almost on a weekly basis.

Don’t worry about the pieces matching. We will take care of that next. For now, focus on looking for items that will suite your needs. Try to think outside the box. One item I bought is actually made to hold little coffee creamers but is now being used to house all of our miscellaneous office supplies.

Every single piece I bought cost about $1.50 – $2.00. This method is way cheaper then going to the store to buy brand new.

Save your leftover condiment tubs
Things like leftover yogurt tubs, glass jars, or tin cans will help make this project achieve your desired end result. Again, they don’t need to match. Just make sure to get them all cleaned up and remove any paper labels. Then you are ready to make them look organized.

Spray paint
I told you I was going to show you how to organize your closet and make it look pretty and this is where the makeover happens. Choose just one color of spray paint that you love and would like to see in your soon to be beautiful closet.

How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget!

Now take all of those pieces you just found at the thrift store, go to a well-ventilated area (outside is best), and start painting all the pieces the same colors! Some of the things I had I only painted part of it, like glass jars. I wanted to be able to see what was inside so I cleaned off the glass and only painted the lids.

How to Organize Your Closet

Take a look at what these pits looked like before I started on this organizing journey…
How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget!

How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget!

Pull everything out
Let everything completely dry and bring them inside and start organizing. My closets were a disaster zone. We called one of them “the craft pit.” The very best thing to do is have all of your new organizing tools set out and just pull every single piece out of your closet!

Every – single – piece! As you are pulling things out place them in piles of related use. So papers with papers, coloring supplies, kids crafts, ribbons, things like that all piled together.

Throw it away
Don’t be afraid to throw things away that you know you don’t need. I was surprised at how much trash I had in there. Not just things I didn’t think I would be using but actual pieces of trash.


How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget!

How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget!
It sounds like a lot of work but let me tell you, I spent about 2 hours total getting this project completed and I am so happy that I did! Sometimes as I am walking through our hallway I will just stop and open the closets to look in and see how pretty they look now. You will be so happy you did it!

How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget! How to Organize Your Closet for Pennies - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on how to get organized and where to find the supplies for cheap to keep you in budget!



2 DIY Cleaners For Your Home

Who is ready to start getting rid of harsh chemicals from your home? Well, let me introduce you to Leanne from The Transplanted Southerner who has massive amounts of knowledge on this very topic!The Transplanted Southerner

She is sharing two super simple and cheap recipes to help take care of any and all wood furniture in your home. You are about to be inspired to start making all of your household cleaners on your own! Here she is:

I have inherited quite a few of my grandmother’s beautiful antiques, and I’ve added to the collection whenever I find something lovely (and inexpensive!) on Craigslist or at a thrift store. Most of my grandmother’s furniture came to me in pretty good shape, although a couple of the pieces had been stored near a dehumidifier and the wood was very dry.

Our dresser and headboard, however, were Craigslist scores and, while gorgeous pieces, were in quite bad shape. With a little love, and a good deal of elbow grease, I’ve brought them all back up to snuff and we have some really nice, solid wood furniture throughout the house.

In an effort to keep them looking nice, I dust them weekly and polish them every 6-8 weeks. Typically, 6 weeks in the winter because our gas heat leaves everything feeling dried out, and every 8 weeks in the summer when it’s a little more humid.

For a while, I was using Pledge dusting spray and Old English furniture oil. Don’t get me wrong, those products work and I was happy with the results….but…..well, I was trying to make a shift to natural products and I mean I was making my own laundry detergent for goodness sakes! Yet there I was stocking up on chemical laden sprays and oils. Good grief! (As Charlie Brown would say)

I knew making household cleaning products was a breeze, my “one product for all purposes” bathroom cleaner is cheap and easy to make as well as use. Surely to goodness I could come up with a little something for my favorite furnishings, and, with some research, I did! I won’t lie, I had some amazingly bad flops the first couple of tries, but I’m saving you the headache and hassle by sharing the ones that I know DO work (and work well)!

DIY Dusting Spray

DIY Dusting Spray - penniesintopearls.com - use these two DIY cleaners to get rid of all the chemicals in your home and have a naturally clean home all while saving money!

First, the dusting spray because this is what you’ll use the majority of the time. You don’t need much to make this spray, it isn’t anything fancy, but it works like a charm and smells like a dream (um, after the vinegar scent dissipates ha ha)!

What You Need
1 glass jar or glass spray bottle
Filtered water
White Vinegar
Olive Oil
Essential Oils (if you want to add scent and extra furniture protection – I like to use Eucalyptus and Orange or Lemon oil because it smells clean and gives you a little energy boost while cleaning)

What To Do
1. First, make sure your jar or bottle is clean. It needs to be glass if you are adding essential oils because they can eat through plastic (ask me how I know).  But if you don’t want the essential oils you can try plastic though I would go with a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle. They can usually be found in health food stores, but if you don’t have one locally or can’t find them they can be purchased inexpensively from places like Amazon or Spark Naturals.

2. I didn’t list specific amounts because that can vary greatly. I make up my dusting spray every week or two so I don’t make a large batch. Someone else might need more and make a larger bottle. The important thing is to remember the ratios. They are:

3 parts water
1 part vinegar
1 tsp (for a smaller batch) to 1 TBSP (for a larger batch) of olive oil
5-8 drops (for a smaller batch) to 8-12 drops (for a larger batch) of essential oil

My recipe looks like this:
1 cup of water
1/3 cup of vinegar
1 tsp of olive oil
4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
4 drops of lemon essential oil

3. Add the olive oil and essential oil first, and swirl them around to get them mixed well. Then add the water and vinegar, cap and shake. That’s all there is to it!

The essential oil combo I use is great because the eucalyptus repels pests like bugs and the lemon is an excellent degreaser so it teams up with the vinegar to cut through any grime on the furniture surface.
Once it’s well mixed you can just spritz lightly like you would a regular dusting solution and wipe down with a clean, soft cloth.

You want to use a light touch. You’re just using a bit of liquid to help wipe away the dust, not washing the wood! Remember to give it a shake every so often to keep it mixed. That’s it!

*Side note – if you don’t have a spray bottle, that’s okay. For almost a year, I mixed mine up in an old pickle jar for quite some time before investing in bottles. Simply put the lid on and shake the jar, then put the cloth over the top of the jar and tip to dampen the cloth. Wring the cloth out so it is slightly wet, not dripping, and wipe down your furniture. I promise that this works just fine!

Now let’s talk about keeping the wood hydrated and shiny.

DIY Wood Polish

DIY Dusting Spray - penniesintopearls.com - use these two DIY cleaners to get rid of all the chemicals in your home and have a naturally clean home all while saving money!

Wood can dry out, especially when exposed to dry heat or stored in an area with a dehumidfier, so it is important to rehydrate the wood. It will not only keep the wood itself in top condition, but will make your home look well put together and cared for. Wood furniture that has become to dry will look lackluster, and the color won’t be as rich. Nothing says “good housekeeping” like some gleaming wood furniture!

The polish I use is actually a little more of a “shoe polish” consistency than an oil, so I store it in a glass jar with a canning lid. The consistency won’t affect the results you get, because this polish will liquify and soak into the wood as you rub it on. Think of it as a “wood salve”.

What You Need
1 cup Coconut oil
1/4 cup Olive oil
2-4 TBSP Beeswax (use less if you want a more lotion-y polish, more if you want it to be a bit more like a wax)
Essential Oils (I choose to use Cedar and Lemon – but you can pretty much use anything you’d like)

What To Do
1. You’re going to melt the oils down to mix them together, so you’ll need to put them in a thick glass jar or bowl. Now set THAT inside a pot of water (do not get water inside the jar or glass), and bring the water to a medium heat. Allow the oils to melt slowly, stirring occasionally.

2. Once everything is melted, pour it into a glass jar that has a good lid that seals well. You can use a canning jar, like I do, or repurpose an older jelly or jam jar.

3. Before the polish begins to firm up, add your essential oils and give it a good swirl with a toothpick or skewer to mix the oils throughout the polish base. I love to use Cedar and Lemon essential oils in mine. The cedar isn’t overpowering and it has a nice, slightly rustic smell. Cedarwood is also a relaxing smell, so you can sit in your freshly cleaned room and unwind later. Lemon is just fresh and clean, hence its presence in so many cleaning products, and the oil can help clear up any musty odors that might be lurking about.

4. Now, set it to the side and allow it to cool off and firm up. You can go ahead and use it, or seal it up for later use.

Did this remind you of a salve recipe? It pretty much is! You could rub this on your skin if you wanted, so you don’t have to worry about pets or kids getting this on them, and it doesn’t pose a hazard to you as you polish your pretty wood furniture.

On the weeks that I’m going to polish I use a barely damp cloth to dust my furniture in preperation for polishing. You don’t necessarily have to use the dusting spray beforehand since you will be adding the polish, although you can put a bit of vinegar into the water if the furniture looks very dusty to help get it clean before you use the polish. Adding polish to dusty furniture would only create a mess.

Use small dabs as you go, because it doesn’t take much. You want this to soak in and hydrate the wood, not leave an oily film siting on the surface of the wood. I keep a second cloth with me to buff the wood once I’ve applied the polish and this helps bring out the natural beauty of the wood without leaving anything behind to attract dust (which pretty much negates cleaning your furniture, right?) or look greasy.

Now that you know how to make your own dusting spray and furniture polish, are you ready to make the switch to other naturally based household cleaners? You can find my carpet cleaning solution recipe here, we like it so much more than the bottled shampoos sold in stores!