Stop making excuses and start living your dream life today!

A Frugal and Fabulous Living Blog! I want to share with you simple solutions on how to live YOUR dream life on less! Hey! My name is Brittany and I am here to tell you that your dreams are much more within reach then you think! I am 100% serious about that!

Picture me holding you by the shoulders and shaking you while saying, “You CAN live your dream life! You totally can!”

Don’t focus on your current paycheck, where you currently live, or the lack of travel plans penciled in your planner. Because that is ALL going to change!

I want to share with you simple solutions on how to live YOUR dream life on less!

Our family is currently in the process of paying off over $20,000 in debt and working towards buying our first home (in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.) All within our goal of two years! These are major financial hurtles we have to overcome in order to continue on our path to living our dream life. 

We are a one income family making it work and loving life as we continue on towards bigger dreams. Sharing every single tip, trick, and dollar along the way to help you live your dream life too!

You won’t find any complicated mathematical equations filled with words containing way too many syllables. We are a normal family finding ways to get out of debt, save money, and make more money, all while fully enjoying life!

If you ask yourself, what makes up my dream life? The next question that might pop in your head may be, “How can I afford that?!”

Guess what! You totally can! Did you know that you can save money on pretty much anything? I want to teach you how! Did you know that you could be making more money then you currently are? I want to teach you how! Did you know the secret to living your dream life is enjoying the ride? I want to show you why!

It all starts with dreaming BIG and then turning those dreams into plans!

Yes I do dabble in a little casual couponing but that is not the only frugal thing I do. I’m a bargain hunter, tester of all things DIY, trip planner, our family’s chef, and lover of all things chic. I may be obsessed with being frugal but I still love to add bits of beauty to our home. Decorating on pennies works, it just takes a little patience.

The Pearls of the blog

Here are just a few of of the topics I cover here on Pennies into Pearls.

penniesintopearls - frugal living - living pretty for just pennies

     DIY & Crafts            Recipes      Furniture Makeovers   Money Tips

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Frugal and Fabulous Living

That is how I would describe Pennies into Pearls. This is my real life, living on pennies but still wearing pearls! It is possible to have a beautiful home, eat delicious meals, and create fabulous decorations all while living on a tight budget.

You already have everything you need!

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Our world is moving faster and faster, I want to provide a “tried and true” window into a frugal fabulous home. Pennies into Pearls is a way to share things that work and things that don’t, so you can save time and of coarse money. I want to teach you how to live frugal fabulous!

My Frugal Fabulous Life

After graduating high school I went on to study at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I earned my bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing and cluster in Culinary Arts. I loved learning about the business world, what made consumers minds tick, but probably my favorite part was learning to work in the kitchen! I’m no master chef but I learned valuable tools to use in our home.

While at school I met my college sweetheart Tommy and we have been married since December of 2006. penniesintopearls.com - frugal livingMy husband is actually the one who started me on my thrifty life. Ever since he was in high school he has always been on the look out for deals on cars that he could fix up and sell for a profit. I think we make a pretty fantastic team!

My family is my number one priority. We love to be outside, cuddle up to watch a movie, bake cookies, and play hide and go seek. It has always been important to my husband and I to make sure that we have fun together as a family!

Our family loves to be in the kitchen together!

penniesintopearls.com - frugal living

We love crafting together!

penniesintopearls.com - frugal living

What does your family love to do together?

Thank you!

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