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June 2020 Monthly Meal Plan – 20 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas

Are you a meal planning nerd like I am?

Okay maybe I really appreciate it a little too much…

But I mean, meal planning is one small habit, uniquely the way I do it, that has helped our family cut our food spending from $1,000 when it was just hubby and I,​​​​​ down to only $400 a month for our family of 5! 

​​That’s $600 SAVED each month, which equals $7,200 a year saved!!!

You might be thinking, “Hold on! Are you serious?”

Yup! You read it right and I am 100% serious! I’ve tracked down the numbers and you know what they say, “The numbers don’t lie!”​​​​

That’s why I LOVE sharing my monthly meal plans with you and I have June’s meal plan ready…​​

20 Fast & Easy dinner recipes for summer. These dinner ideas on a budget will not only save you money but they are also for family friendly dinner recipes.

20 Fast & Easy dinner recipes for summer. These dinner ideas on a budget will not only save you money but they are also for family friendly dinner recipes.

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May 2020 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

How’s it going Pearl? Are you and your family doing okay during this crazy time?

Our family is doing pretty good! It’s a huge bummer the weather is warming up here in San Diego and all our normal go-to spring activities aren’t really available right now. 

BUT we are looking for the good and finding other things to have fun. Like starting our garden! It’s been super fun! What have you been up to?

Anyways… ready for this month’s meal plan? I’m SUPER EXCITED because I worked hard to find some super healthy meals that not only fit into the Whole 30 plan hubby and I are doing this month (sometimes a few minor adjustments might be needed), but I think our kids are going to love! For the most part…

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Keeping Yourself Organized: 3 Habits to Create

Creating small habits to keep yourself organized is crucial. When we form these habits it will ultimately take the struggle out of doing chores, such as organizing.

It will take some initial discipline and repetition in the beginning, but once you have this ingrained in your everyday life, it will require little to no effort to maintain. Not to mention, once you have this down, your kids will seeing this and mirror this lifestyle.

By improving your everyday routine, you will be teaching your family life long skills they will need to be successful. Today I’m sharing with you 3 habits you should focus on when trying to keep yourself, your home, and family organized.

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April 2020 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

This meal planning on a budget post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting Pennies Into Pearls by using my links!


Spring is always a crazy time of year for our family. It’s the end of the school year, and we are gearing up to summer break (my favorite time of year)! 


This month, I am committed to sharing with you how my family deals with all of these  “unforeseen” events and plans for them as much as possible. 


This monthly grocery haul on a budget of $380 is really helping our family of five feel like we are eating healthy, while still sticking with a budget that is realistic while living in an expensive city. Take a look at our Costco grocery haul on a budget and learn tips to save money on groceries.
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My Laundry Routine for a Family of 5

Today I am sharing with you our one day laundry routine. This is great for big families like ours to save a bunch of time and hassle on a regular basis. By dedicating one day, I can free up other days of the week to focus on other tasks. I really enjoy batching my work.


Curious how we get it done? Keep reading. If you try this yourself I would LOVE to hear about your experience. 

This is our one day laundry routine for big families. I like to tackle it all on one day, here is how.
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March 2020 Budget Update

Wow it’s amazing how fast 2020 is going by already! I know, I shouldn’t say that. This March 2020 Family Budget Update is covering all the basis of changes we’ve made in the past few months. I plan to do these budget updates quarterly now, to allow room for other great content! 


Starting a family budget doesn’t have to be restrictive! Look at it in a way that you are actually telling your money what to do rather than wondering where it went. Then not having enough to pay the bills… Stressful! 



In this month’s family budget update, I am going to walk you through all the numbers that went in and out of our family’s bank account. 


We share all the numbers in hopes of turning on some light bulbs to help you manage your family’s finances and set financial goals based off what you guys value most in life! 


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FREE Budgeting Starter Kit

In all of my budget updates, I share with you the exact numbers of our family finances Excel spreadsheet. This system is what we started using several years ago that helped us get out of $20,000 in debt!


You can get the same budgeting starter kit for FREE! It includes not only the excel starter kit (you can open it in Google Forms), but there is also a printable version!



You will be letting your finances down if don’t also go look at my post and video on How to Start a Budget that Won’t Fail! That article is where you will learn how to use the the budgeting starter kit and how to customize it to your family’s specific needs.


FREE Financial Planner Kit for Couples

This is the workbook and exact system that hubby and I use to do our long term planning. This is how we turn our dreams into reality! 


I know that sounds cheesy but it is 100% true! If you don’t make a plan now to achieve what you really want in life, it won’t happen!


March 2020 Family Budget Update

Dah-dah-dah-daaaaah!! Her ya go! All the real numbers from our bank account. I will warn you… if you watch this video you will see tears! It’s real life people!



Our Cash Envelope System Routine

Our family uses the cash envelope system every single month. It is one of the BIG GAME CHANGERS that has helped us finally stick to our budget!

I highly recommend giving my unique approach to the cash envelope system a try. Even if in the past you tried it a different way. Inside my online course I teach you how to customize this system to make it actually work for your family. 

In today’s post I am showing you the steps our family takes every month to make our cash envelope system work to give you an idea on how you can do it for your family’s budget. 

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Our Cash Envelope System Routine


Set the budget
Making sure that every dollar is accounted for BEFORE we spend a single penny, is such a key to us successfully having money to fund our goals! That is why it is step one of our routine for funding our cash envelope system every month.  

You can read in this blog post about how we and when we budget the cash for our cash envelope system. We used to pull half of the cash with each paycheck of the month. Now we pull all the cash from the first paycheck of the month. 


Make sure money is in the bank
Seems silly but we make sure that our paychecks have cleared the bank before we go and pull out the cash. There has been a time or two in the past that for some random reason the paycheck was a day or two late. It’s a simple thing to do to be on the safe side. 


Get the cash from the bank 
This is the easiest step. Once a month I go to the bank and pull the cash we need to fund all our cash envelopes.


Put cash in cash envelope files
Make sure to check out the related articles above to understand what I mean when I talk about the cash envelope files. For this step I take the cash and fill the file envelopes. That way I have all the cash we need ready for the next month.  


1st of the month
On the first of the new month I move any necessary cash from the file envelopes to my wallet envelopes. I don’t carry every single category with me in my envelope, which is why this system works so well. 

Now we are ready to shop! Once the cash in a category is gone, then the shopping for that category stops! It’s that simple. Planning ahead and giving every dollar an assignment makes this possible. 


Do you have any questions about our routine for managing our cash envelope system? I would love to chat with you about it in the comments.

Thanks for stopping in! I’ll talk to you soon!

Xoxo Brittany