May 2020 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

How’s it going Pearl? Are you and your family doing okay during this crazy time?

Our family is doing pretty good! It’s a huge bummer the weather is warming up here in San Diego and all our normal go-to spring activities aren’t really available right now. 

BUT we are looking for the good and finding other things to have fun. Like starting our garden! It’s been super fun! What have you been up to?

Anyways… ready for this month’s meal plan? I’m SUPER EXCITED because I worked hard to find some super healthy meals that not only fit into the Whole 30 plan hubby and I are doing this month (sometimes a few minor adjustments might be needed), but I think our kids are going to love! For the most part…

May 2020 Meal Plan​

You can watch this month’s meal planning video to hear how we plan to adjust a couple meals to make them family friendly. 

You can get my free meal planning on a budget toolkit right here! Once you are get my super helpful meal planning toolkit you not only will start savings tons of cash but you’ll also get on my free email newsletter which is exactly where I send my monthly meal plans all filled out. (I’m sending it out TOMORROW 5/9/2020) If you missed it this time, still sign up so you can get next month’s!

Want to see what it looks like to buy the groceries for this meal plan AND how much it cost me? You can watch this month’s monthly grocery haul here. I went to my normal Costco and Target stores and saved some cash by shopping monthly! ​​

Let’s go over the basics of MONTHLY meal planning during quarantine (this is actually how I meal plan & shop every month 🤷🏼♀️ Monthly meal planning and shopping saves us THOUSANDS of dollars every year) You can watch the video I just released that shows you what this process looks like in real life!


  1. Make a list of ingredients you have in your fridge, freezer, and pantry.
  2. Make a list of basic staples you need to last you for the next 4-5 weeks
  3. Look at what’s on sale
  4. Only plan 5 meals each week (for the 6th and 7th night you can do leftovers, pantry night -think quesadillas, canned soups, cereal, or budget for takeout. Make sure that as you’re planning and cooking you make enough 2-3 times a week to have leftovers)
  5. Make one grocery list for items that can last in your fridge freezer or pantry. Make a second grocery list for each week of fresh products you need.
  6. BONUS QUARANTINE TIP: Choose recipes who’s fresh ingredients are not 100% necessary. So if for some reason you can’t get them, it doesn’t ruin the meal.

Don’t forget! Use these meal plans as inspiration for your own meal plans. Use your Meal Planning on a Budget Toolkit to plan a customized meal plan based off what YOU have in your fridge, freezer, and pantry FIRST!

Can I ask you one little favor? I would LOVE to see your meal planning in action! It would help my little business SO MUCH if you share a pic on Instagram and tag @PenniesIntoPearls ! 

Not only that but maybe you’ll inspire other families save money and save some sanity when it comes to dinner. One less thing to worry about in during this crazy time!

Talk to you soon! xoxo


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