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What We Eat in a Summer Day - Pennies into Pearls

What We Eat in a Summer Day

I can’t believe the Summer is almost over! We’ve been having such a blast this year enjoying the weather, getting outside and spending quality time together! I am also happy to be sharing what we eat in a day over the Summer months with you.

With the kids being home everyday right now, you would think we would be blowing our grocery budget like crazy! But, we aren’t! We’ve been able to stay within our $500 a month budget for our family of 5!

Today, I want to take you along as I share what we eat throughout the whole day! You’ll be surprised at how simple and budget friendly our meals are! This allows us to spend our money more intentionally on things we value more (than the drive thru)!

We are sharing with you exactly what our family eats in a day on a budget. What we eat in a day will surprise you since our family food budget is only $500 for the entire month for our family of five!

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To start our day, I like to keep breakfast simple and fresh for myself and the kids. Hubby leaves so early in the morning to go to work, so in order to keep my sanity I need quick simple meals!

The kids will start the day with a fruit smoothie that also includes spinach so they get a quick kick of vitamins! They also pair that with some turkey sausage that we buy at Costco. It’s a simple heat and eat sort of breakfast which makes things so simple.

In mine and hubby’s smoothie, we LOVE Clean Simple Eats protein powder, and I make a smoothie from the Fab Four Smoothies in the Body Love book! 



Every Monday or Tuesday, I will go into our snack cabinet and reorganize the snacks that the kids are able to grab 2 times a day. They each know that they are able to grab 1-2 snacks from this cabinet after they have asked permission.

It’s a game changer to have snacks available at the kids heights and it saves me from 3 separate trips into the kitchen to grab something for each one of them! For afternoon snack time, I will usually put out some fresh fruit as an option for them as well. 



We keep lunch very simple. After running every which way all morning, I don’t have a lot of time to prepare a fancy lunch. In the Summer, it typically ends up looking like dino nuggets, quesadillas, sandwiches or leftovers for the kids. 

I will typically have leftovers from the night before, or throw together a salad from some odds and ends in the refrigerator. It almost always ends up tasting delicious!! 

We are sharing with you exactly what our family eats in a day on a budget. What we eat in a day will surprise you since our family food budget is only $500 for the entire month for our family of five!


During breakfast time, I am already thinking about what I am going to be making for dinner! On this day in particular, we have family coming over so we decided to make a Pancake Bar for dinner!

TIP: When entertaining large groups of people at your home, try “bar” style meals! Taco bar, potato bar, pancake bar etc! These will feed a lot of hungry people, won’t take too much effort on your part, and be budget friendly! Yes! 

I hope you like this video style! If you want to see more, leave a comment on the video and I may do a back to school what we eat video! 

Xoxo, Brittany 

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