July 2019 Family Budget Update

Today I’m giving you our July 2019 Family Budget Update and showing you the REAL numbers! 

We’ve made some major changes to our family budget & I have been learning how to better manage my business budget now that I’ve been bringing in a more consistent income. 


Today I am sharing the real numbers for our July 2019 Budget Update! I am also talking about some changes I have made to my business budget and how that affects our families numbers!



July 2019 Family Budget Update Real Numbers!

Yes, Pearls! I am giving you the REAL numbers for our families budget. One of the biggest pet peeves I had when I was first starting out on this financial journey, was a lot of the finance gurus I followed never shared their real budgets!

I want you to be able to see, and get really inspired by how my family makes it work with our real numbers! 

See what happened to our budget this month and what had me in tears this morning while I was paying our bills.

What’s new in the budget?

Now that I am bringing in a more consistent income from Pennies into Pearls because of the course that I have up and sponsorships, it’s important to me to really be intentional on WHERE that money is going (just like in our Family Budget) and pay myself an actual paycheck! 

In the past I have kind of been all over the place as far as how much income I am paying myself at the end of the day. I always made sure my business expenses were covered, but I wasn’t good about setting money aside for things like a marketing budget, taxes etc. 

This is an exciting time for Pennies into Pearls because my family and I can now rely a bit more on this income and include it into our family budget!

If you’d be interested in learning more about how I manage my business finances, let me know in the video comments on YouTube! 


Using Averages!

One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the years of doing our family finances, is the rule of averages. When we make our budget, we know what our average income and average expenses have been in the past 6 months. 

When you know your averages, you can then create a budget based on that. On the months that you have an above average income, you would set money aside in savings that you can then pull from for your below average income months. 

This tip is especially helpful to families who have a single income and one that fluctuates like sales jobs, construction and so many others! 


Make your Goals the Centerpiece

When you know what goals you have for your finances, it makes it so much easier to create a budget that truly works for you

This has everything to do with business finances as well. 

In the past I would feel so frustrated because I watched several other YouTubers and Finance Gurus and always just wished I could see the real numbers so I could learn how to balance everything. That’s why it’s SO important to our family to share our real numbers with you! 


Today I am sharing the real numbers for our July 2019 Budget Update! I am also talking about some changes I have made to my business budget and how that affects our families numbers!


FREE Budgeting Starter Kit

In all of my budget updates, I share with you the exact numbers of our family finances Excel spreadsheet. This system is what we started using several years ago that helped us get out of $20,000 in debt!

You can get the same budgeting starter kit for FREE! It includes not only the excel starter kit (you can open it in Google Forms), but there is also a printable version!

You will be letting your finances down if don’t also go look at my post and video on How to Start a Budget that Won’t Fail! That article is where you will learn how to use the the budgeting starter kit and how to customize it to your family’s specific needs.


Where We Do Our Banking

I get asked all the time where we do our banking so I thought it would be useful to leave that info right here for ya. 

We do our family checking and multiple savings accounts with Capital One 360. We switched over from Wells Fargo earlier this year and I am loving it! 

There are no fees and no minimum balances! We even get a couple bucks a month from interest we earn on our own money. I have never had that happen before! Amazing!

I do however wish that there was a physical branch store near me. They have several fee free ATMs nearby that I can use. But I like the safety of a branch store when I go to withdraw cash. Hopefully they will expand to our area!

But other than that, I love how user friendly their website is. It makes it super easy to move our money around when managing our money between our savings and checking!


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