Our Homeschool Routine

Let’s talk about homeschool routine. Our family is actually doing a homeschool hybrid for the second year in a row. WE LOVE IT!

What exactly is a homeschool hybrid?

A homeschool hybrid is a program offered by our local school district. The kids go to in-person school T/W/TH and they homeschool on M/F. We are able to teach our own curriculum for social studies and science and the teacher sends home things that the kids need to practice for all of the other core subjects.

This makes learning so fun! We are able to tailor what the kids learn about, around what they are interested in. We also love the fact that we can teach family style and learn all together!

The Science Behind Our Routine

So, I first want to tell you that I initially started our homeschool routine very rigid. We had a strict schedule and stuck to it. But, I started to get a lot of push back from some of my kids, so we had to change up the way we did our schedule.

But then, by divine intervention, I found a book called, The Self-Driven Child. I love this book! You need this book whether you are a homeschooler or traditional schooler.

This book is all about helping your child be more self-reliant and more self-disciplined. It teaches so many important values and morals that we want to instill in our kids.

One thing it helps teach you is how to deal with power struggles. I mean that can be helpful for homeschooling or just helping your child with homework.

So, that’s how we base our routine. We do a lot of self-motivating and independence.

Our Routine

We usually like to get started around 9:00 in the morning after breakfast. To start the day, I write all the assignments that each individual kid needs to get done on a sticky note. I then give them the sticky note and let them decide for themselves what they want to do first.

I have one kid that likes to do the hardest/toughest subject first, and then I have another kids that likes to get all of the easy work done first. But, I let them make that decision, themselves.

When they get done with a task, they get to check it off and then move on to the next task.

We usually do an hour of work and then have a snack break and then we get back started up. I like to get started with social studies because it allows them to come together and start to learn to start off the school day. It is a great opportunity to get their little fingers warmed up with writing.

Watch our Homeschool Routine Here!

Well, that’s our homeschool routine! Seriously, go check out the book The Self-Driven Child! It will help any parent!

Talk to you soon!



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