The Water Gallon Challenge

Have you ever heard of the gallon challenge? Actually, I don’t know if there is a different gallon challenge but, the one I’m talking about is the WATER GALLON CHALLENGE! My goal is to drink one gallon of water in one day!

I thought it would be fun to take you guys along for the ride on this water gallon challenge! Drinking water has so many great health benefits and I really want to give this a try!

Some Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

  • It helps energize your muscles!
  • It helps with skin dehydration.
  • It helps with your kidney health.
  • It helps you stay regular. ( If you know what I mean)

Don’t Like Drinking Plain Water?

Some people just really do not like the taste of plain, bland water. I mean, it can get old after a while. If you like drinking a flavored water, I have the PERFECT thing for you!


If you follow me over on Instagram, you know my love for MIXHERS! Mixhers is an all natural line of products. They have things for :

  • Energy
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Immune System
  • A Multi-Vitamin
  • HerGreens – A drink mix that helps you get all your greens in!
  • And More!

MixHers Products I Use

  • HerPower– HerPower helps you get on point and full of energy… WITHOUT THE CRASH (that caffeine can cause) LATER! HerPower helps me stay focused and have very clear thoughts. My favorite flavors of this are Berry Boss and Pina Babe!
  • HerTime Daily– Hormones play a huge role in our health and sometimes we don’t even realize it. I drink one of the HerTime Daily, well, everyday. HerTime helps regulate your hormones, decrease headaches, increase energy, and helps the overall absorption of nutrients in your body.
  • HerTime Classic– Three days before your expected cycle is to start, you start adding this in during the day along with the HerTime Daily. This makes all things cycle related, like bleeding and cramping, more manageable.
  • HerGreens- My kids and hubby love this! It has your full recommended serving of greens, in one drink!
  • HerNightly- All natural drink to help with sleep and sleep quality!

Why I Started Drinking HerTime

Over a year ago, I was feeling extremely irritable. To the point that during that time of the month, my hormones felt completely out of control. I felt like I was not in control of the way I was feeling. God answered my prayers with HerTime!

The two biggest improvements I have seen since starting HerTime:

  1. I feel in control of my emotions. Of course, I still have hard days, but I am not as easily irritated like I was at that time before starting drinking this product.

2. MY ENERGY!!!!!!! It has increased my energy level so much, I have not had to have my diet coke to get me through the day! I really think my energy level is better since my hormones are better regulated!

Watch My Challenge!

I did it! I finished my gallon challenge. And thanks to MixHers, I was able to have a yummy tasting water, while helping my body out some. I hope you really do decide to give the gallon challenge a try! You wont regret it!

Talk to you soon !



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