Deep Freezer Organization

It is time to organize my freshly cleaned out freezer! So, I thought I would take you guys along and show you what I came up with for my deep freezer organization!

Step 1:

First step to organizing anything is, to unload and throw away anything you don’t need. In this case I unloaded my freezer, and got rid of anything bad. I also took things out of boxes, to help make more room in my freezer.

Step 2:

Next, I needed some bins. After doing some research, I knew I needed at least two levels of stacking bins in their to store and organize food.

After doing some research, I found some stacking bins that I thought would work perfectly! They stack nicely and THEY HAVE A HANDLE! If you have a deep freezer, you definitely want to have a handle for easy reach! Make sure to measure your freezer well to ensure a good fit!

Step 3:

Now that I have my containers, I finally get to organize my freezer. I also just did my big monthly grocery haul, so I have quite a bit to organize and put away!

These bins were a perfect fit!

Alright, so I’m sort of IN LOVE! These containers worked so so well! They fit well and stacked nicely! I was able to organize all my food by type in each bin. I was also able to stack the bins so that, the things I use more frequently, were on top and easy to grab!

I also stacked two other containers on top of those for a total of 4 organizing totes!

I hope that this gave you some inspiration and tips on deep freezer organization. I am so glad I took the plunge and did it myself!

Watch me organize this deep freezer!!!!

The whole idea behind having these buckets are so that when I’m doing my meal planning and grocery lists, I can easily see what I have and what I actually need to buy! No need to waste food or money!




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