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8 Secret Strategies to Saving Big at Target

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There is ALWAYS a way to save at Target. Doesn’t matter what department you are in, you can always save some moo-la!

Doesn’t that just make you completely have a Jerry Maguire type crush on Target… “You complete me!” or “You had me at hello!” That is exactly how I feel every time I walk into this blessed store!

With the holidays here and all the shopping you are going to be doing, it’s even more important to save. THOUGH, all of these tips will help max out your savings at Target ALL YEAR long!

Secret tips exposed on how to take advantage of the NEWEST ways to majorly save on your next trip to Target! You are spending way more than you need if you aren’t using these tips on how to save money at Target! Continue Reading →


My First Trip to ALDI #GroceryHaul

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This is big news guys! I have heard the rumors of the amazing prices, the fantastic selection, and delicious tastes. But it wasn’t until this morning that I was able to experience this wonderfulness called, ALDI!

It was a few weeks ago that I just about ran my car off the road (don’t worry, no one was harmed due to my excitement!) when I heard an advertisement come on the radio announcing that ALDI was coming to southern California!

Wa – what!?

Easiest way how to save money on your groceries with no coupons needed! The easiest way how to save money on your groceries and drastically cut the bill! Continue Reading →


When You Suffer from Budget Burnout

There once was a day, a day before I really knew what a budget actually was, where I felt ready to slam-dunk my budget in the trashcan at the end of the month! I was SO over it! Sticking to a budget had become exhausting and I felt like I was living a very limited life. Have you ever felt like that?

Do you want to know the secret to avoiding budget burnout? When I say that I don’t get burnt out anymore, I am not lying! I want to share with you my secret so you can say the same thing!

The secret to avoiding budget burnout isn’t complicated and it’s actually going to make you very happy! The secret is to budget to have fun!

The secret to NEVER suffering from budget burnout ever again! This is how to keep your life fun while still living on a budget. Continue Reading →


What to Expect and How to Prepare for a No Spend Month

Stay away from the pretty red bullseye! As much as it pains me to say this about my very most favorite store, Target. But it is probably a good idea for you to stay clear, just for the next four weeks.

The temptation of the perfectly cute banners, poka dot straws, and other pretty trinkets in the dollar spot is extremely too tempting for myself. It’s just better for my personal mental state to keep my distance during this no spend month.

Let’s have a moment of silence please…

Don’t worry Target, we will be back ASAP!

Do you know what a no spend challenge is? Let me show you how our family cut over $400 out of our monthly budget all by starting our first ever no spend month and how YOU can save even more money! Continue Reading →


How to Save Money Today – 5 Frugal Habits

Let’s see… save for our first house, get some new clothes, save for an amazing vacation, or maybe go out on a really fun date night!

What would you do if you could drastically cut your spending?

Get planning because today you can start saving $500 a month with these 5 frugal habits.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start learning how to save money today? Not tomorrow, not next year, but actually how to save money to-day!

I’m sure there is a long list of reasons as to why these five frugal habits shouldn’t work for our family. But guess what, instead of trying to justify my laziness, I put my head down, do a little extra work, and magically our family has figured out how to save money, even when there isn’t a lot of money coming in!

Save $500/mo with these 5 Quick Tips. I love her budget tips especially the one on how to use YouTube to save money. It all adds up really quickly to help you cut spending and save more money!
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10 Things You Should ONLY Buy With Coupons

Yes, you can still save a lot of money with coupons! I know there are coupon haters out there who have a million excuses why couponing doesn’t work for them. Here is the bottom line, if you are looking for ways to cut spending, couponing is one way to SAVE HUNDREDS each month!

You can check out my article on Casual Couponing 101 to see how it only takes 15-30 minutes each week to literally save hundreds of dollars each month with couponing.

With that said, I don’t buy everything with coupons. Nope. But when I do use coupons, I save big time!

DO NOT buy any of these 10 items ever again unless you have a coupon to go with it! If you want to save money, this is a super easy way to cut spending on your grocery budget! Easy casual couponing tips! Continue Reading →


3 Ways to Save Big on Clothes

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How easy is it to bust your budget when it comes to clothes? If you don’t plan ahead, you will find yourself in the first snow storm with just flip flops or the first 90 degree scorcher with nothing but long sleeves. Resulting in a panicked shopping trip costing you way more money than it needs to.

A little planning ahead this season for next year will save you hundreds of dollars, easily!

3 Ways to Save Big on Clothes - I love tip #3. These 3 tips are really easy ways to save money on clothes!

3 Ways to Save Big on Clothes

  1. Stack coupons with sales

A lot of retailers have either mailer or digital coupons that they will allow you to use on top the sales price. That’s one of the very best ways to save on brand new clothes! Check your favorite store for details on their local coupon policy.

At the end of the season, let’s take winter for example, all of the store’s winter goods will go on sale. So things like sweaters, coats, boots, and maybe pants, will all be at really low prices. Take advantage of these low low prices and stock up for next winter! Don’t forget to look on the clearance racks for even more savings!

  1. Buy the next size up

When trying your best to find ways to save money on clothes you need to think about the future. We are talking about kids here. (Let’s make it our goal as adults to not need larger clothes each year. Haha!) But our little ones, they grow like crazy don’t they?

When thinking about what to buy your little munchkin for next year, you are going to need to be sure and buy at least a size larger. For my kids, I usually buy two sizes bigger from where they are right now.

  1. Keep them fresh for next year

In order to keep all of these brand new clothes fresh for the next year, I keep them in my Ziploc® Space Bags®. Not only do these awesome bags keep my new clothes new, they help with keeping the closets organized!

You found all these amazing deals, you got even better deals by stacking coupons on top of the sales, you have next year’s wardrobe ready, now you have taken full advantage of all three ways to save big on clothes. But there are still 365 days left until you need to wear them, don’t you worry, I have found the solution!

By using the Ziploc® Space Bags®, you don’t have to worry about things like water, bugs, dirt, and smells making it onto your clothes. These bags are airtight and minimize the space needed as compared to uncompressed storage volume. Making it easy to neatly stack and store your clothes for next year!

Bonus! They are super simple to use!

1.Neatly fill your bag

3 Ways to Save Big on Clothes - I love tip #3. These 3 tips are really easy ways to save money on clothes!

3 Ways to Save Big on Clothes - I love tip #3. These 3 tips are really easy ways to save money on clothes!2.Zip it closed

3.Use your vacuum to compress the bag

3 Ways to Save Big on Clothes - I love tip #3. These 3 tips are really easy ways to save money on clothes!

Here is a tip to help you use your Ziploc® Space Bags® to their potential. You know I just want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck! The more neatly you fold and stack your clothes, the better they will compress and the more clothes you will be able to fit inside the bags. But be sure to not fill your bags past the “do not fill” line.

I bought my Ziploc® Space Bags® at one of my very favorite stores, Lowes. Don’t you love how well organized their stores? And you can always find exactly what you are looking for! Not to mention how beautiful all of their displays are! Every time I am finished shopping at Lowes I walk out of the store with a new motivation to make my home more beautiful!

Okay. I got a little distracted thinking about all the beautiful DIY projects I could do at Lowes. Now back to organizing our new clothes!

You can find Ziploc® Space Bags® at Lowes in their home storage and organization section. In my local store they were easy to find. In the front door, straight past the heavenly scent flowing from the nursery, and just beyond the beautiful washer and dryers. That is where I found the dream of any organized obsessed lady!

Aisles full of anything you need to organize your home. You can find the Ziploc® Space Bags® right above the Ziploc® WeatherShield™ Storage Boxes. (Which also look like something I need! Maybe at my next trip to Lowes… Please Hubby?)

Here is a quick pic to help you find your Ziploc® Space Bag® at Lowes.

3 Ways to Save Big on Clothes - I love tip #3. These 3 tips are really easy ways to save money on clothes!

Are you feeling motivated to go out and find some great deals? Just remember to follow these three ways to save, shop at the end of the season, look for coupons and search clearance, and buy a size or two larger for the little ones to wear this time next year. And don’t forget, go to Lowes and buy some Ziploc® Space Bags® to keep your end of the season finds fresh for next year!



Free Meal Planning Printable

Happy Monday!

Today is the last day of the month and the beginning of the last week of the of my current meal plan. Do you know what that means? It’s time to plan again!

If you want to cut your grocery bill in half then you need to read this article on how we only pay $400 a month on groceries for our family of four.

In that article I tell you all about how to set your monthly meal planning process, why I switched from a weekly meal plan to monthly, and how you starting monthly meal planning is going to SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!

How does that sound to you? Pretty nice, right?

Monthly Meal Planning FREE printable. Easy steps to cut your grocery bill in half by simply starting monthly meal planning. Three reasons I can not stop talking about meal planning! Continue Reading →