When You Suffer from Budget Burnout

There once was a day, a day before I really knew what a budget actually was, where I felt ready to slam-dunk my budget in the trashcan at the end of the month! I was SO over it! Sticking to a budget had become exhausting and I felt like I was living a very limited life. Have you ever felt like that?

Do you want to know the secret to avoiding budget burnout? When I say that I don’t get burnt out anymore, I am not lying! I want to share with you my secret so you can say the same thing!

The secret to avoiding budget burnout isn’t complicated and it’s actually going to make you very happy! The secret is to budget to have fun!

The secret to NEVER suffering from budget burnout ever again! This is how to keep your life fun while still living on a budget.

Budget for the “Fun Stuff”

The best way to overcome budget burnout is to avoid it all together. When you leave room in your budget for the “fun stuff” you are less likely to feel like you are completely deprived.

When I say “fun stuff” I am talking about anything that may be considered an extra that makes you happy. For our family that involves things like eating out, going to a Padre game (baseball), going to the movies, or date night for the hubby and I.

When your happy tank is left full at the end of each paycheck, you are much less likely to feel suffocated from your budget.

How Much Money do You Need for “Fun Stuff”?

This number is going to be very specific to each individual. It will depend greatly on how much wiggle room you have in your budget. But if you are leaning towards the “I don’t have much room” side of things, there is hope!

You don’t need much at all to have fun! Our family of 5 is currently living off a “fun budget” of $80 each month. We make that small amount cover weekly date nights for just the hubby and I, plus weekly family outings or activities.

Be creative when it comes time for having fun. Date night doesn’t have be a huge expense! One of my favorite websites for finding cheap and even free date night ideas is over on DatingDivas.com.

DatingDivas.com has creative ideas for dating your husband and I could spend my entire day looking through all their fun ideas!


Don’t let the cost of a babysitter stop you! Have you ever done a babysitter trade? It’s when you take one night and watch your friend’s kids while they go on a date and then the next night or next weekend they watch your kids while you go on a date with your hubby! It works wonderfully!

How to Budget for the “Fun Stuff”

The first step whenever you are adding an expense to your budget is to make room. Chances are you have a fixed income, which leaves you with two options.

First option, look for areas in your budget where you can shave a little extra money off. Cut a little off your grocery allowance or maybe walk or ride your bike more to save a little money on gas. You don’t need much!

Second option, look for opportunities to supplement your income. Side jobs, side hustles, or turn your every day skills (like cleaning or babysitting), into a little extra cash that you can set aside specifically for the “fun stuff”.

Now who is ready to have fun! I 100% believe that you can live a beautiful life on ANY budget! It’s just a matter of figuring out where to fit in the fun.

What are you going to do with your fun budget? Let me know in the comments below!


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