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Triple Chocolate Naked Cupcakes

Has anyone ever heard Jim Gaffigan’s stand up skit about naked cupcakes? That guy is seriously so hilarious! The gist behind his joke is that it is completely silly that we eat muffins for breakfast because in truth, they are just naked cupcakes.

But hey, I am going to pretend like it is a breakfast food and keep on eating my “naked cupcakes” for breakfast. And for those of you who still don’t get what I am talking about, all you need to know is that these will be the very best triple chocolate muffins you will ever eat! No joke!

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How to Make Waffles from Scratch

Does your family love waffles for breakfast? I think my kids would eat them every morning if I would let them. It has kind of become a tradition in our home that once a week or so when dad is home in the mornings that he will make the family waffles for breakfast.

In the past few weeks, the hubby has actually stepped up his game quite a bit! It all started when one Saturday morning we all woke up to find that our waffle mix had been depleted. It was all gone!


These homemade waffles are so yummy! No need to use a box mix when you can use this super easy recipe! These fluffy waffles make the best breakfast and are so much better than the premade kind from the store! You can even freeze these waffles for later!


Once the moment of panic was gone, my hubby decided he was going to make waffles from scratch. I had done it before, my parents love to make waffles from scratch, and so I was excited to see what he could do! He did an amazing job!

I am happy to report that we no longer buy waffle mix and every time that dad makes “his” breakfast for us he creates waffles from scratch!

Light and Fluffy Waffles from Scratch - penniesintopearls.com - use this recipe for waffles from scratch to make the very best waffles ever! Way easier then you think and they turn out light and fluffy every time! Continue Reading →

Peach Cobbler Muffins

Have you walked through the produce isle lately and been hit with the sweet smell of peaches? What a great time of year to have so many delicious fruits and veggies in season. And you know what that means when they are in season… they are going to be on sale!

One of our local stores was having a great sale on peaches and I snatched up over 10 pounds of these peachy girls! We ate some and we froze the rest. It has been heavenly having them in our smoothies!

But now it’s time for something new! Taking our love of peach cobbler and our need for a new breakfast item we created this masterpiece!

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Healthy Tropical Smoothie Recipe

Who says you need a super fancy vacation to feel like you are on a tropical island? Maybe if you whip up this smoothie then go sit out on your porch, close your eyes, you just might start to get the feeling like you are on a tropical getaway. Okay, let’s be real. Probably not. Sorry. But I can promise you it’s going to taste exotic and will keep you nice and cool!

Smoothies are the perfect option for a fresh, quick, and healthy breakfast… or lunch or dinner (in my case). Sometimes we end up having smoothies for two meals in one day!

Tropical Healthy Smoothie Recipe - penniesintopearls.com - This is a super easy tropical smoothie recipe. Strawberries, bananas, mangos, pineapples, oranges. All delicious flavors in this healthy smoothie recipe. Continue Reading →

Strawberry Muffin Recipe with Lemon Cream Drizzle

Using fresh ingredients really does make your food taste ten times better! What do you think? You know, when watching all those cooking shows that is what they always tell us, “Use fresh ingredients.” I never really believed them until our garden started taking off this year. Picking something from the yard and bringing it straight in to eat is amazing!

One thing we have in abundance right now would be lemons. Our lemon tree surprisingly is doing great! Since we moved into this house 2 years ago I thought the tree was a goner. But all of the sudden we have more lemons than we know what to do with. (So if you live close and need some, come on over!)

It’s a good thing that my family loves the flavor of lemon! I have been using these tart little guys in almost every meal. But one of our favorites so far has to be this delicious muffin recipe.

Strawberry Muffin Recipe with Lemon Cream Drizzle - penniesintopearls.com - Quick muffin recipe with a perfectly moist strawberry muffin drizzled with a lemon cream icing. Perfect muffin recipe! Continue Reading →


Breakfast Banana Split

Who want’s to eat a banana split for breakfast?! I am always in the mood for a nice sweet breakfast but this one actually is going to be good for you! No need for any guilt here. Actually, you can feel good about yourself for making such a smart choice in eating this sweet bowl for breakfast this morning!

With bananas (of coarse), strawberries, blackberries, granola, and a low sugar yogurt, this breakfast is going to leave you and your family feeling full and energized for your day. My kids actually love having this for breakfast! I let them pick their own toppings and “cook” their own. Super easy to put together and fun for the kids! They love to help make their own food.

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