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Welcome to Pennies into Pearls! Take a look around and remember we are just getting started around here. I am beyond excited to share with you what I know about living cheap and chic but also learning all of your tips. What you need to know is that this entire blog is dedicated to saving you money but with nothing lacking when it comes to flair. Always staying pretty but only spending pennies. I like to say that I live “frugal chic”. In pretty much everything I do, everyday, I try to figure out how I can do it cheaper. Pennies into Pearls is a place where we can inspire each other to keep living frugal without letting our individual style suffer. My house is not super fancy, I have a lot of projects in my future and I am really eager to share the journey.

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Things to look for on Pennies into Pearls:

  • All things DIY – Furniture, crafts, gifts and more. A lot of the time making something yourself or refinishing something old into new not only gives you a one of a kind piece, but most of the time it will save you a lot of money
  • Free pintables- there isn’t many easier and affordable ways to spruce up and inspire your home than adding a fresh new framed printable
  • Delicious recipes- making food yourself will save you money and these recipes will not only be frugal but also fabulous to taste
  • Money saving tips – Sale sightings, coupon advice, budgeting tips. Lets save lots of money and learn to live within our means.

My favorite quote about living frugal is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Click here to download this free 8”x10” printable to be inspired to live frugal chic. You can also simply right click the image below, save, then upload into an editing program, you can now resize the image to what you need.

frugal living, cheap chic, chic cheap, frugalSo take a peak at a few ideas I have up and I am excited to hear from you!


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