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Easy and Chic Mason Jar Craft

Let me first start off by saying that because I have already done this project, I am going to be saving you a lot of time! I thought this project was going to be a quick 10 minute (tops) project.

Well, it will be for you but only because I have a little tip for you. You are going to need to predrill the holes in the hose clamps before you use a screw. I’ll explain in more detail in a sec.

Are you in love with mason jars as much as I am? I thought that I might be over them by now… nope, still in love! There is something so timeless about them. Mason jars will most likely always be present in my homes décor my entire life!

Mason Jar Cutting Board - penniesintopearls.com - Easy and shabby chic mason jar craft idea. Not only easy peasy but super cheap to make! Only about $3 each to make! Continue Reading →

Welcome, come on in!

Welcome to Pennies into Pearls! Take a look around and remember we are just getting started around here. I am beyond excited to share with you what I know about living cheap and chic but also learning all of your tips. What you need to know is that this entire blog is dedicated to saving you money but with nothing lacking when it comes to flair. Always staying pretty but only spending pennies. I like to say that I live “frugal chic”. In pretty much everything I do, everyday, I try to figure out how I can do it cheaper. Pennies into Pearls is a place where we can inspire each other to keep living frugal without letting our individual style suffer. My house is not super fancy, I have a lot of projects in my future and I am really eager to share the journey.

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Things to look for on Pennies into Pearls:

  • All things DIY – Furniture, crafts, gifts and more. A lot of the time making something yourself or refinishing something old into new not only gives you a one of a kind piece, but most of the time it will save you a lot of money
  • Free pintables- there isn’t many easier and affordable ways to spruce up and inspire your home than adding a fresh new framed printable
  • Delicious recipes- making food yourself will save you money and these recipes will not only be frugal but also fabulous to taste
  • Money saving tips – Sale sightings, coupon advice, budgeting tips. Lets save lots of money and learn to live within our means.

My favorite quote about living frugal is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Click here to download this free 8”x10” printable to be inspired to live frugal chic. You can also simply right click the image below, save, then upload into an editing program, you can now resize the image to what you need.

frugal living, cheap chic, chic cheap, frugalSo take a peak at a few ideas I have up and I am excited to hear from you!


Thrifty Chic Inspiration

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End Table Collage

You may have heard of “Shabby Chic” before. But what is “Thrifty Chic?” That is when you find something super cheap, it may be second hand or it may just be something new you found at a really great price. Add your own unique twist and wa-la, you have a one of a kind pretty piece for your home. Thrify chic!
The best place to be inspired for a thrifty chic masterpiece is a second hand store. I have started making it a part of my weekly routine to stop by a few thrift stores in town. One in particular that’s not too far away has really great prices and really great gems.

I thought it would be fun if we could all share these soon to be chic projects that we find with each other. I’ll start! I have a corner in my living room where blankets are piled up, toys accumulate, and clutter finds refuge. I have been in search of the perfect thrifty end table to put there. This week I may have found it. What I love about this piece are the curvy lines and the texture of the drawer. In the past searching, everything I found in my price limit was very boxy. Not this little baby. The only thing I am not excited about is that it’s not solid wood. Major bummer for durability! But I figured for this phase of my life with little kiddos climbing on anything they can reach, this was a great investment towards my décor transformation. Originally priced at $30, marked down to $20, then take 50% off. I got this piece for only $10!


End table close

The plan. Sometime in the not too far future (I hope) a simple make over I think will help this thrifty find turn chic. Sand it down just enough so I can get some paint to stick. Put a few coats of paint and then a little rough sanding to give it a rustic look to match my TV stand.

This one is for my kitchen. Ever since we have moved into this house I have wanted something to go on a blank wall right behind our kitchen table. I decided I wanted to make a cute bulletin board that I could display kids art. After looking into how much corkboard cost I realized I would need to either find a different material to use or find a used board somewhere. Here she is! I only had to pay $1 to take it home!

The plan is to take the frame off the board then cover it with some kind of fabric batting to soften the edges and cover that with a cute green print fabric to tie it into the kitchen. I love the color green in the kitchen. It makes it seem fresh in there. Probably add some kind of boarder. Stay connected to see these frugal finds get their chic makeover!