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Happy New Year… 2016 Sneak Peek!

Isn’t the New Year so inspiring and motivating? There is something special about the beginning of a New Year and all the possibilities of change and improvement!

Have you set any goals for the New Year? Let me know in the comments bellow! Sharing goals makes them a little more real and keeps you a little more accountable. I personally love hearing other people’s goals because their goals motivate me to do better!

Are you feeling like this is the year you want to live frugal AND fabulous?!

This is my favorite website / blog for learning to live frugal and fabulous! Best tips for frugal living and having a fabulous life! Continue Reading →

Easy and Chic Mason Jar Craft

Let me first start off by saying that because I have already done this project, I am going to be saving you a lot of time! I thought this project was going to be a quick 10 minute (tops) project.

Well, it will be for you but only because I have a little tip for you. You are going to need to predrill the holes in the hose clamps before you use a screw. I’ll explain in more detail in a sec.

Are you in love with mason jars as much as I am? I thought that I might be over them by now… nope, still in love! There is something so timeless about them. Mason jars will most likely always be present in my homes décor my entire life!

Mason Jar Cutting Board - penniesintopearls.com - Easy and shabby chic mason jar craft idea. Not only easy peasy but super cheap to make! Only about $3 each to make! Continue Reading →


DIY Craft – Roped Hurricane Vase

I have another easy frugal fabulous home décor project for you today! When I say easy I really am not kidding around! The supplies and time you need are very minimal and the total cost of east of these ended up around $2.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

Copycat Inspiration
The original expensive piece that I used for inspiration on this project was spotted at one of my all time favorite stores Homegoods. As I walked into the store they had a beautiful table decorated with all sorts of nautical or roped items.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

I walked up to these beautiful vases to see how much they cost, retail was about $25 each! I knew right then they weren’t meant for me to purchase that day but to go home and find something similar I could make for way less money! A DIY craft idea was born!

Items You Need
Any size glass jar or vase you like
Hot glue and gun
Rope (I bought this 50ft spool of rope at Home Depot for under $5)

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

DIY Craft How To

1. Make sure to get all of the gunk and dust off of your jars. I found these at one of our local thrift stores but they had this broken-apart stick design all over them. Luckily they just slipped off and soap and water was all I needed.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.
2. Decide where you want to place your rope. I was going to try and do an exact copycat design duplicate with these and the ones I saw at the store. But after I finished the first, I decided against that idea.
3. Start attaching the rope by placing a ribbon of hot glue along the base of the vase. Be sure to attach the rope before the glue dries. For the first layer or two of rope you will want to continually attach each part of the rope with glue.

As you are working try to keep the rope tight and each layer close together. You can do this by gently pressing down on the layers each time you add glue.

Once your first two layers are attached you can start using less glue. I used a small amount (about 1” long) on opposite sides of the glass about every two to three layers. But with your last two layers you will want to go back to using more glue.
4. Finish off the rope when you think it looks fabulous by doing a diagonal cut along the rope and attaching with hot glue. Try to tuck the end of the rope gently behind the lower layer.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

That’s it! So quick and super frugal fabulous! Right now I am keeping these beauties on one of my entry tables in our home but my plan is to get some large candles to put inside each vase and move them out to live on our porch. Maybe when the holidays come along I will switch the candles out for some Christmas lights. So many options…

What do you think?
Where is your favorite place for DIY craft inspiration? Do you have some vases already at home that you want to do this project to? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s chat!

Ikea Ideas – Repurposed Spice Rack

Have you ever been to Ikea before? I had never stepped foot in one of their stores until I was in college. It didn’t take more than 60 seconds to realize this would soon be one of my new favorite stores!

Don’t have one nearby? The good news is you can buy pretty much anything in their stores online.

They have super cute home décor items for really great prices. Some of my favorite things there are items that are very basic and need a little DIY to make them completely unique. Just like these spice racks.

They are only $4 each to buy, they come in unfinished wood, and they only take about 3 minutes to put together. Doesn’t this piece just scream out DIY? This is definitely one of those Ikea ideas that takes little time and money to make it into something frugal fabulous!

Now don’t think strictly along the lines of a spice rack. That might be what the store intended the use to be but really it’s just a cute shelf. That is what I will be using mine for.

Repurposed IKEA Spice Rack - penniesintopearls.com - Great idea on how to repurpose IKEA $4 spice rack. Perfect for the kitchen or any other room. Continue Reading →


Easy Peasy Pallet Wood Sign

Oh how I love pallet wood! Have I said that before? Just in case you didn’t already know, I am a huge fan! Take a look back at my pallet planter boxes and you will understand why I have a giant pile of scrap pallet wood. Just imagine about 20 pallets in my garage… Hence my love for pallet crafts!

Not are pallet crafts awesome because they are made out of 100% free reclaimed wood but this particular pallet wood sign it is super simple! I think I put the whole thing together in about 20 minutes and it only took that long because it took me a few minutes to get Cricut Craft room to work correctly.

So I did use a Cricut to cut out vinyl letters for my sign but if you trace out your sign first then paint it in with some “outside approved” paint then I am sure it would look wonderful! I actually might choose that option for my next sign. The hand painted look mike give it a more rustic feel.

DIY Pallet Wood Sign - penniesintopearls.com - If you have a love for pallet crafts then this is for you! Come see how quick I was able to make this pretty thing!  Continue Reading →

Mason Jar Crafts – Rope Handled Lantern

One of my favorite things to do when it comes time to relax is sit back and look through catalogs from fancy-pants stores that I can’t even afford to shop their clearance section. You know the kind of stores I’m talking about…

You might be wondering why I like to torture myself. The truth is that it isn’t torture at all. I get so excited when I see something that literally costs hundreds of dollars and I know I can make it for a fraction of the price! Yep. You can to!

Mason Jar Lanterns - penniesintopearls.com - Crazy easy mason jar crafts! Super easy way to create your own Pottery Barn copycat craft! Continue Reading →


How to Make Your Thrift Store Finds Match

Paint is your best friend when it comes to making your thrift store finds match. If you are in the market for something in particular like office organizers or kitchen décor, there will pretty much always be a good selection at a thrift store but chances are they aren’t going to match. A very easy solution is to paint! Let’s use the example of these boring old vases.

When you walk into our local Salvation Army thrift store the first thing you are sure to spot are vases, vases, and more vases! There is literally an entire row dedicated to glass vases and table settings. Sometimes, the selection even leeks over into a second row! My guess is that this is not unique to our particular local thrift store.

I have been to a “few” thrift stores in my day and it is pretty much a 100% guarantee that you will be able to find a nice selection of vases. You can also find them at the dollar store but at a thrift store you will have a lot more of a selection when it comes to the style.

Painted Glass Vases Pin - penniesintopearls.com - Tips on the easiest and cheapest way to get all of your thrift store finds to match. Come see how easy it can be! Continue Reading →


How to Make a Birdhouse From Scrap Wood

If you have been a frugal fabulous reader for a little while here you might be starting to understand my love for pallet wood. It’s free wood! It is a little bit of work to get that pallet taken apart (here is my video tutorial on how to take apart a pallet) but it is more than worth it. It’s not only free but the wood is so beautiful with so much character.

Okay, I’ll stop obsessing now.

My front porch is seriously lacking in the “welcome, come on in” vibe and with spring and summer in the air I thought making a cute little birdhouse out of some left over pallet wood was a perfect start for an update. Not only does this simple décor item look super cute this time of year but can be updated with some fall leaves or Christmas lights later on in the year.Pallet Wood Birdhouse - penniesintopearls.com - Complete plans on how to make your own birdhouse out of scrap wood you already have, no matter what size.

Are you for me to show you how to make a birdhouse of your very own? I hope so! This project is way easy to make and with this tutorial you will be able to make it with any size scrap wood you have laying around.

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Fancy & Frugal Felt Flowers

One of my favorite things I love to use in my home for decorations are fresh flowers! They are just so beautiful no matter what type they are. The problem is they are a little pricey for something that only lasts about 7 days.

I came up with the solution! Why not make my own fancy flowers and why not make them felt flowers! There are so many color options these days and the fabric itself is super cheap! There are so many different possibilities when it comes to the flower style or type. To make this entire bouquet only cost me about $2! Your not going to find that deal at your local floral shop, guaranteed!

Fancy and Frugal Felt Flowers Continue Reading →