A Shopaholic’s Guide to Becoming Debt Free – First Ever Book Club Party Announcement!

I have a fun idea for us to hang out!

What do you think about once a week, we get together, eat something super tasty, pretend like we don’t care how many calories we are devouring, and all the while we have some heavy (in a fun way!) girl talk going on!?

The chitchat will all be centered on a few chapters taken from the current book that we are obsessing over.

Doesn’t that sound super fun! I’m a lot excited about it! What a great way for us to better get to know each other?

Our first book is THE PERFECT read for someone who needs a heavy dose of shopaholic’s anonymous! It’s for someone whose desire to spend is borderline addiction.

You need to break the pattern of endless online shopping and figure out how to pay off debt quickly so you can get your financial freedom back! Fresh air! Actionable steps you can take today to get out debt and take back control of your spending!

This post contains affiliate links. This means I get a small commission for each product you purchase through my links at NO additional cost to you. This helps Pennies Into Pearls to keep going. So thank you!

My hope is that we can all motivate and inspire each other as we are all learning! Reading “The Recovering Spender” as our first book is going to help us all find more ways to Live Your Dream Life on Less!

Our First Book Club Party!

So to kick off this new series we are going to begin by reading and learning through Laurne Greutman’s newest book called, “The Recovering Spender”. You can buy it here.

I pre-ordered my book a few weeks ago but it wasn’t until last Tuesday that it showed up at my door! I casually walked into the kitchen to find it sitting, waiting for me, right there on the counter!

“Why didn’t you tell me it came!?!” I yelled at my husband who was quietly working on the Jeep. He gets me! Thank goodness!

Anywho, so that’s the book we are starting with. If you want to join in on the party you can order your book here.

Our family is members of Amazon Prime, which is amazing because everything we order has FREE SHIPPING! Plus, almost everything we order shows up at our door in 48 hours or less. Many times it shows up on the very same day we ordered! 

AND right now you can get a 30 day free trial! So, if you ever buy anything online, you definitely will want to sign up for Amazon Prime!

Then once you are signed up make sure and buy “The Recovering Spender” so you can come and hang out with us!


Blog and YouTube. To begin, I will be announcing the book here on the blog but also over on my YouTube channel. So make sure you are signed up for my email newsletter and ALSO subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on the party!

But this is just the intro and announcement of the party. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook because that is where the actual partying will be taking place.

Instagram. Throughout the week as we are reading on our own, I’ll do occasional check-ins on my Instagram account. Things like announcing the party theme and questions to keep us thinking. So make sure you are following me there!

Facebook. And finally, once a week we will have the party! Make sure you are following me on Facebook because once a week we will all hop on my Facebook Live (weekly details will be posted on Instagram) to chat all about what we have been learning and talk about questions we might have.

Does that sound complicated? I hope not! Really, if Instagram had a live feature I would be all about it. But it doesn’t. So Facebook is what we are going to try out for now.


Our very first official check-in party will take place on September 26th, 2016 at 10:00am PST on Facebook Live. Put it in your phone. Mark your calendar! You don’t want to miss it LIVE!

Party Theme!

And what’s a party without a theme? Each week there will be some sort of theme to our weekly Facebook Live Book Club Party! All the details will be updated on Instagram for the upcoming party!

Psst… I want to give you a hint for our first party. It’s a sweet idea! So grab your favorite candy, your book, no need to get out of your yoga pants! I can’t even guarantee I am going to have on makeup!

It’s going to be a blast! I can’t wait to see you at the next party! Talk to you soon! Xoxo

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