Real Life Family Finance Report – Month 2

I realize it is now the middle of December and I am just barely getting this out to you. Sorry about that! But, it is important to me to do this for two reasons.

One, keep myself accountable for staying on track with our budget and goal of preparing to buy a house in two years. The second reason is to help motivate you to live on a budget so your life isn’t consumed with financial stress! Doesn’t that sound nice?

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If you are new here you might want to start by reading about our plans to buy a house in two years and our budget that is going to get us there.

Quick refresher, our family needs to pay off our debt and save for a down payment in order to reach our goal. This is simply said and harder to do.

November was a great month for our newly super strict budget. In regards to family finance, we did a lot more things right this last month then we did wrong. You know, it’s a work in progress.

Here are our family finance goals we set for November 2015:

  • Get a better handle on our new budget. Take out cash and transfer money to savings as soon as the paycheck hits our bank account (check)
  • Continue with monthly meal planning (check)
  • Make our loan payments a priority (check)
  • Look for ways to make extra income to pay for Christmas (check)

My favorite thing about this last month of living on a strict budget, it doesn’t feel like we are living on a strict budget!

Because we have starting living accountable for each and every penny we spend, the whole budgeting process has actually made spending the money entirely less stressful!

I’m not talking about “setting a budget”. I feel like the word “budget” has become a buzz word and not very many people actually know what it means. I am talking about SETTING A BUDGET! It’s not a bad thing!

You can learn how to start your own budget with this FREE 3 Step Series for Starting Your Own Budget.

Ways we found extra cash for Christmas

The most successful thing we did was to go through our closets and looked for anything we weren’t using anymore that could be sold. Hubby did the same thing but out in the garage. We rounded up a few old baby items we don’t need. Now that our little guy is starting to pack on the pounds, love that!

I ended up selling our finds to a resale store. This isn’t the best way to get the very most money for your stuff. But if you are in need of some quick money, selling to a resale or consignment shop is perfect.

If you don’t need the money right this instant then go check out my Tips for Selling on Craigslist!

Family Finance Goals for Month 3 of our Two Year Plan

  • Stick to our $200 Christmas budget
  • Find room in budget for medical/dental savings
  • Find ways to organize the house without busting the budget

So far it is looking like we might even come in under our $200 Christmas budget! That is pretty exciting!

What are your family finance goals this month? Do you have any? Let’s hear them! Share them in the comments below so we can help motivate each other to stay away from debt and live within our means!

Feeling motivated? Here is some more helpful tips to get your family finances under control in just 3 months! 

3 Month Plan to Control Your Family Finances. Love that this article has real world tips to help manage family finances. Very helpful advice for family finances.


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