May 2017 One Income Family Budget Update

Back in the day when we were wandering in the thick fog of financial uncertainty, I desperately wished that someone would just show me exactly what their budget looked like. The adjustment from two down to a one income family budget was hard!

I always thought that I could understand the theory behind it, but until I could see a real life example sharing all their real life numbers, I just couldn’t figure it out for my own family.

That is exactly why I share our family’s one income budget updates with you every single month!

A complete look into real life numbers of our one income family budget update! I share the most important budgeting tips for beginner and the two most important steps we took on how to start a budget that actually works!

I hope it helps and as always, PLEASE feel free to leave me any questions down in the comments. I am more than happy to help where I can!

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The Breakdown of our One Income Family Budget

Thanks so much for stopping in and I will talk to you soon! Xoxo



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