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Real Life Family Finance Report – Month 2

I realize it is now the middle of December and I am just barely getting this out to you. Sorry about that! But, it is important to me to do this for two reasons.

One, keep myself accountable for staying on track with our budget and goal of preparing to buy a house in two years. The second reason is to help motivate you to live on a budget so your life isn’t consumed with financial stress! Doesn’t that sound nice?

Family Savings Plan Update November 2015 - penniesintopearls.com - Real life family savings plan. Learn from our successes and mistakes. Learn tips and tricks to starting your own family savings plan. Continue Reading →

3 Month Plan for Getting Your Family Finances on Track

Having a family is one of very most rewarding and fulfilling things we have in our lives. Family fills our memories with a lifetime of “firsts” and “the best” type moments. I really believe that there isn’t anything else that can bring more everlasting happiness then our families!

But that doesn’t mean if we have a family then we have everything set and we won’t ever have any challenges in our life. Not at all! One of the top causes of stress within a family is propelled by family finances.

3 Month Plan to Control Your Family Finances. Love that this article has real world tips to help manage family finances. Very helpful advice for family finances. Continue Reading →


5 Horrible Money Mistakes Made in Your 20s

All three of my siblings got married this year! Kinda crazy right! It’s been a bit of a busy year. But incredibly awesome!! Our family has pretty much doubled! So. Much. Fun!!

SO! Me being the oldest sibling and about to leave my 20’s, say what!!! I can’t help but think about all the things I wish I had done differently.

First years on your own, FREEDOM! Livin’ the college life! Late night runs to the drive thru. First years of marriage. Kids. A lot happens in your 20s! Which can make a statement on your bank account if you’re not careful!

Your 20s are a time in your life where you learn a lot about growing up and living on your own. Unfortunately, a lot of times those lessons are learned the hard way.

I am the type of person who loves to hear others advice. I don’t always take it but I definitely will learn from it. I hope that’s what these five financial cautions can offer you.

Even if you are a little past your 20s, maybe you can relate and have made these money mistakes when you were in your 20s. Are you making these mistakes even now that you are out of your 20s?

It’s never to late to change! Following these five guidelines to avoid money mistakes and they will help you no matter what your age is.

5 money mistakes millennials can learn from now so they can be ahead of the game later! A letter of love to my younger siblings to help them learn from my own money mistakes. Continue Reading →