Our Kid’s Schooling Plans for 2021/2022

With the pandemic hopefully over (fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!) , we have been left with several different schooling options in our community. Are you feeling overwhelmed with school starting back? Are you excited to start the school year? Our family is ready and excited to start a new normal around here. I want to share with you our kid’s schooling plans for 2021/2022!

DRUMROLL PLEASE…. we are choosing to do a hybrid schooling! I am going to walk you through what a hybrid schooling model is and what that looks like for our family. I am hoping to open your eyes and show you that there are so many different ways our kids education can look!

Even before the pandemic, I was looking for a hybrid model for our kids school. We live about 20 minutes from the school district that we would choose to go to and I just did not feel as involved in what my kids were studying with traditional schooling.

So, when the pandemic hit, our school system let us know that they had this hybrid program AND THEY HAD BEEN DOING IT FOR OVER A DECADE! I think that most families didn’t know about it because they called it their “homeschool program”. I think that parents heard/saw that and thought that they could not do a full blown homeschool program.

So with this hybrid model, we do homeschool on Mondays and Fridays. On those days, we focus on social studies and science. During our homeschool time, we will also focus on what subject each individual kid needs help on.

Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, they go into a regular classroom. But, the class size is much smaller and we loved that! It is also a shorter day. They are done with school by 1:30!

So, the teachers actually will provide everything, even the curriculum for science and social studies. But, we are also free to do whatever unit studies we choose instead! How fun is that! It helps to be able to choose things my kids are interested in to instill a love of learning and keep them interested.

Some Things We Want to Learn About This Year:

  • World Geography
  • Our Family Economy
  • Our Church and Family History
  • National Parks
  • Planets and Space
  • Green Living
  • Magnets
  • Human Body
  • Engineering

We are just so excited to be able to do hybrid schooling again this year! It makes me feel like we are using our time more efficiently but, we are also getting a great social education by being able to go into the classroom as well!

Want to know more about our school plans this year?

Well, I wish you luck and favor when deciding what is best for your plans this year! I hope our schooling plans help you open your eyes to so many different options there are this year!



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