My Must-Have Items from Costco

It is monthly grocery shopping time! I am ready to head to the store to pick up some of my favorite items that I seem to buy every month for my family of 5! I want to share with you my must-have items from Costco! Want to see? Come on!

Ground Turkey

I love buying ground turkey for my dinners. It is a great substitute for beef and it is much healthier! I am able to get four pounds of ground turkey for about $17. It also comes in this super convenient packaging for freezing!

100% Grass Fed Beef Sausages

So, these are basically hot dogs. But, these are much healthier than your normal hot dogs. We love using these as an alternative!

Oikos Triple Zero

Ok, I LOVE when Costco has these! My kids and I really enjoy these. I love giving these to my kids especially because, they have 15 grams of protein in each cup! We also love that there are no chunks of slimy fruit in them. Super easy breakfast option, just top with granola and VOILA! Yummy, healthy, protein packed breakfast!

Dino Buddies

Dino Buddies, need I say more? My kids love these! I love that they are made with NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER!

Columbus Salami

We love this salami and it is a staple for lunches around here! We love to make homemade lunchables with this salami, cheese and crackers. Such a good alternative to the store bought lunchables!

Feta Cheese

OH, this feta cheese is so good on salads! This is the best deal I have ever seen for feta! So much more bang for your buck when you buy this at Costco!


I love shopping at Costco every month! They seem to have such a good array of choices for organic and cleaner items for my family. I am really working to try and buy cleaner items for my family. But, hey, it is a work in progress.

I also love that Costco breaks down the price per unit on the price tag for you! It helps me when deciding which product to purchase to help me stay in budget!

I hope you liked to see some of my favorite must-haves from Costco. I buy these things on the regular and we love them!


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