Deep Freezer – Clean With Me!

Time to clean this freezer out!!!! We have owned our deep freezer for AT LEAST 5 years…….and we have never done a good deep clean on it. But today, that changes. I am going to take you along with me, step by step, while I tackle cleaning this freezer!

There is so much ice around the sides of our freezer! It is coming up all the way to the top of the freezer! We have got to clean this out and defrost it! It is worse than I thought!

How I Defrosted the Freezer

Ok, so first step to cleaning the freezer out was, defrosting it. I had a couple of people reccomend boiling water, and then placing the hot pot inside to help melt some of the ice.

So, after i unloaded the WHOLE FREEZER, I sat the hot pot of water down in the freezer. I put the hot pot of water on a beach towel to help prevent any damage to the bottom of the freezer. Guess what??? It really did help!

After I took out the hot pot of water, I decided to move the freezer out into the sun to help it melt even more. I then took a small bowl of water and poured it on to the sides of the freezer to get all of the rest of the ice off.

You should have two little plugs on the bottom of your freezer, just unplug them to let the water drain out.

Cleaning the Freezer

As you can imagine, the freezer needed a good scrub. There were all kinds of crumbs at the bottom of the freezer. I took a good old cleaning rag and some spray cleaner and now it looks as good as NEW!

Before vs. After


Watch All the Cleaning Action Here!

Cleaning my freezer out was one step towards having a clean, organized freezer! I need to have a clean and organized freezer to save time, stress and money! I will be able to easily shop my freezer and find things I need, quickly! These are all things that Pennies into Pearls, LOVES!

Happy Cleaning!


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