Monthly Grocery Haul- Shopping With My Kids!

It is monthly grocery haul time!!!! This month we are shopping with all three kids along for the ride! Come along with me as I share some of my buys this month and how I handle monthly grocery shopping with three extra helpers!

Some Purchases This Month!

This month we are trying out a new Costco so I am excited to see what this Costco has!

First, on the list are these bath towels. They were on sale for $4.99! Such a great deal! We got the grey towels. I love white towels but, our kids play outside a lot and they would get stained super fast.

Next, I got some Carnita meat and a rice and beans pack that will make for a super easy dinner for tonight! Total this meal will be about $20. I love getting something like this for dinner versus buying expensive fast food after a long day of shopping!

We got some Naan bread! These are super great for lunches! Tons of possibilities! We are going to do greek chicken gyros for some lunches this month!

Hubby requested some frozen burritos. So, I found these! They look pretty delicious!

I also picked up this canned chicken breast! Check out my Instagram for a really yummy chicken salad recipe using these! Perfect summer lunch idea!

Shopping with Kids!

Monthly grocery shopping with three kids with you may sound like a big task! But honestly, its not! What I do when my kids start getting a little rowdy in the store is, I GIVE THEM A ITEM TO FIND THEMSELVES! So, as I was going down the aisle of the stores, I gave each kids something to look for off of my list. It helps a ton when they are given a challenge!

Watch My Monthly Grocery Haul!

I hope you get some recommendations on some yummy food and enjoy the tips on grocery shopping with kids! Make sure to check out my meal planning on a budget membership. I do all the hard work for you and plan a month of meals and write your grocery list for you!




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