How to Shop for a Debt Free Christmas

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Are you tired of starting the new year with a pile of debt leftover after your Christmas shopping spree? Let’s change that! Think of how it’s going to feel when the bliss that comes with a debt free Christmas sets in!

Want to know how to have a debt free Christmas? Here are 5 tips for a debt free Christmas that will help stretch your Christmas budget and make sure that you have a cash Christmas and avoid the credit card hangover. #IbottaPartner #sponsored

Say goodbye to the pit in your stomach when January comes along and your inbox is full of “Payment Due” emails.

No more wondering how long is it going to take you to pay this off? No more self shaming because you are sinking your family further and further into debt!

No more!

If you follow the simple steps I am going to teach you today, you not only will 100% enjoy every moment of your debt free Christmas season, but you will also have a new start at the beginning of next year without any extra debt! 


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How to Shop for a Debt Free Christmas


You know you want to stay away from racking up debt this Christmas, but are wondering how to actually make that happen. Here are 5 tips to help you get your shopping done and still have a debt free Christmas. 


1.Set a Budget Using What You Have

The ideal situation would be that you already have cash set aside ready for all Christmas expenses. My guess is that if you’re reading this post, chances are you don’t. That’s okay, you can still do this!

Take a breath and look over your family’s budget. If you don’t have a budget in place yet, take a minute to read this post to get started with your budget. Look for areas where you can cut back this month in order to make room for some Christmas cash. There is always a way to cut back spending to make room for your current priorities. 


2.Make a List

We are talking more than just a list of people you are going to buy gifts for. It’s all the other Christmas expenses that will most likely throw you off course. The more you can plan for the better.

So try to think through your calendar and what expenses will most likely come along for the ride. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking; secret santa, white elephant, kids class parties, stockings, decorations, lights, tree, Christmas cards, neighbor/work gifts, and traditions like train rides or visiting Santa. What else do you need to add to your list? Write it all down.


3.Give Every Dollar an Assignment

There’s still one more thing you need to do before you get shopping. Now that you have a list and you know how much cash you have to work with this Christmas, give every dollar an assignment. 

Every item on your list should have it’s own allowance. It’s helpful to think of what gifts you want to buy or what meals you want to make. This will help you decide what is a realistic amount to assign. 


4.Get Cash Back on Purchases

How about some extra spending money? If you ask me, I would give that a giant “heck yeah!”

A little extra spending money during this time of year is especially welcomed. One of the easiest ways to get some extra spending room in the budget is to earn cash back on your purchases using the free app, Ibotta

With over 1,500 brands and retailers, Ibotta is likely the one stop that will offer cash back on whatever you plan to buy this holiday season!

Want to know how to have a debt free Christmas? Here are 5 tips for a debt free Christmas that will help stretch your Christmas budget and make sure that you have a cash Christmas and avoid the credit card hangover. #IbottaPartner #sponsored

It’s super easy to earn cash back in-store and online when you’re shopping for things like groceries for those yummy treats you’re bringing to neighbors, that super cute sparkly dress that’s going to be perfect for your work party, and even finding extra savings on things like your hotel when you’re out traveling this Christmas.  

Have you started your shopping yet? I’ve already booked our hotel for visiting family this year with Hotels.com and started shopping the sales on Target.com for Christmas gifts. All with the comfort of my heated blanket, couch, and of course Ibotta to make sure I get that cash back! 

All offers were valid as of publish date.

Don’t forget to check your app for details as offers change frequently and may not be available in all areas.

When you use Ibotta to shop, you get to choose which rewards you want to claim! There will be increased cash back for online purchases through the holiday season. Check back on the app frequently for amazing options!

You can choose the cash option with Paypal, or they have some really fun gift cards you can choose from.  

Click here to download the FREE Ibotta app!

Want to know how to have a debt free Christmas? Here are 5 tips for a debt free Christmas that will help stretch your Christmas budget and make sure that you have a cash Christmas and avoid the credit card hangover. #IbottaPartner #sponsored

5.Shop From Home

It used to be that the best deals for Christmas shopping would be in store on Black Friday. That is absolutely not the case anymore!

Pretty much starting one week before Halloween you can find some seriously drool worthy sales online! No need to put on real pants to head in store.

So get your list ready early and watch for those sales! Not only is it convenient, but you are going to save so much cash by removing the temptation to impulse buy as you stroll down the isles of countless stores. 



6.Bonus Tip: Start Now to Plan for Next Year!


Pay attention to exactly how much you spend per category in your Christmas budget this year. Then also make note of anything you wish you had the cash for this year, or any spending category where you wish you had a little more money.

Once Christmas is over, look over the numbers, get a grand total, and set up a savings plan. How much do you need to start NOW putting away every month in order to meet your new goal?

How amazing is it going to feel this time next year when you are SO on top of things? 


What Are You Going To Do Now?

It’s that time during the post that I ask you, how are you going to take action right now? What’s the number one take away you got from this post that you are going to put into action right away so you can have an awesome debt free Christmas this year? 


Leave it in the comments below and let’s chat!


Talk to you soon! Xoxo



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