November 2019 Grocery Haul

Does the thought of feeding your family seem like an endless task. Well… you’re right. As long as you are alive, this will most likely be your responsibility for anyone under your roof. The good news is that I have a monthly meal plan that will help lower your stress!

Not only do I have my monthly meal plan for November to share with you, but I am also showing you what it looks like to shop all of the month’s groceries in one morning!

When you meal plan for a large family it’s easy to go over budget. Here is how you can meal plan on a budget for a large family and still eat really tasty food that everyone in the family will love.


You’re about to learn how to meal plan for your family to not only eliminate dinner time stress, but how to save crazy amounts on money on your grocery budget!


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Free Meal Planning on a Budget Toolkit

Every time I meal plan there is a system I use that I know you are going to love. It’s really simple. Here are the steps to meal planning on a budget.

  1. Know how much is in your budget
  2. Plan meals based off what’s in your fridge freezer and pantry FIRST
  3. Plan meals based off what’s on sale
  4. Make a grocery list with estimated costs for each item

You can totally handle that! To make it even easier, I have a FREE PRINTABLE Meal Planning on a Budget Toolkit for you.


November 2019 Meal Plan

Here is the monthly meal plan that our family is eating off of this month. Remember that this is planned around what we already have in our house.

Sign up my email newsletter to get access to this month’s meal plan. Each meal is a clickable link to the recipe, so you can see which recipes will best fit in your customizable meal plan.


November 2019 Grocery Haul

The budget… $340 for food and $160 for all other miscellaneous items we need in the house that will last us the entire month.

In this grocery haul I buy anything that will last in our fridge, freezer, or pantry for at least 30 days. What about meat or fresh produce? You can read more about how we run our grocery budget here.



Do you meal plan?

Really, I want to know if you meal plan? Let’s chat in the comments. What are some of your struggles? I’m here to help!

Talk to you soon! Xoxo



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