Costco Grocery Haul- Some of my Favorite Finds This Month!

It is time for my monthly Costco grocery haul! I’m gonna buy an entire month’s worth of groceries all in one day! (Minus the fresh produce that’s a separate thing!) Today though, my budget is five hundred dollars and that’s to feed a family of five!

I used to spend over a thousand dollars just for hubby and I!!! We’re saving hundreds!

So, we have a little extra room in the budget and I added about a hundred bucks because we have a camping trip planned and like to have treats when we are camping!

Some of my Costco finds this month!

All right! Here we go! We’re gonna get the pork loin boneless. It’s only $2.39 per pound which is a great price and the last time I bought these I just took them out and put them in Ziploc bags and froze them that way!

It was 7.99 for this multi-pack of lighters. It is a great price and it lasts us a couple years!

When we go camping as a group, we split the dinners. So I’m in charge of one of the dinners and we’re gonna do a Greek kebab night! We are going to go with the Naan-bread it’s $5. 49.

Yum Yum! I love these pickles! I’m not a pickle person but I love these! $5.99 for this giant 32 ounce container.

I’m also distracted looking at this queso blanco cashew dip. Oh my! Enjoy hot or cold! It looks like something I need to try!

Korean barbecue chicken from Kevin’s. It’s clean ingredients. It’s a pretty great price but I’ve never tried the Mongolian Style Beef. It’s really easy to heat up serve it with a side of veggies!

Promise me that you will make a meal plan before you go grocery shopping! I’ve got a meal plan if you want to see the meal plan that goes along with this grocery haul! I share it in meal planning on a budget membership. You get the meal plan and the grocery list done for you and the recipes are all linked for you!

These were some of my Costco favorite finds this month. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I bought during my Costco grocery haul! If you want to see more of my grocery haul that includes my Wal-Mart pick up order as well, check out the video below!


Happy shopping!



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