Meal Plan with ME!

Come, Meal Plan with ME!

Do you know what’s for dinner today? Life gets busy! There’s laundry, there’s school, there’s kids activities, maybe you work, maybe you’re still going on vacation. There’s so much that happens in your daily routine, let’s just take one of those big worries off your plate…….feeding your family!

Now I do a whole month of meal planning all at one time! Let me help you out this week! I’m going to share with you what our family is eating this week!

Meal #1- Waffles and fruit

A lot of times I might do waffles with like smoothies to just to try to add in maybe some extra protein by adding in protein powder. You could also use Kodiak Protein Waffle mix to make the waffles a little more hearty!

Meal #2- Sweet and Sour Slow Cooker Pork

Sweet and sour slow cooker pork is delicious! You can serve it with a side of rice or you can serve it with a side of sautéed or steamed vegetables. I love the fact that it’s slow cooker! That means that this is a great meal for one of those busy nights!

Meal #3- Bacon Ranch Chicken Foil Dinner

Bacon ranch chicken foil dinners with a side salad is a perfect summer recipe! You can cook these packets in the oven or you could cook them on the grill. What’s great about this is you can make it a family activity! So you can get all the ingredients ready to go and each person can cook their own!

Meal #4- Instant Pot Sesame Chicken and Broccoli

This is a great way to add in a variety of flavors! We’re not just doing grilled chicken and vegetables every single night! I like to put the broccoli in at the very end to avoid soggy broccoli! This recipe could also be prepared in the slow cooker!

Meal #5- BLT Pasta Salad

This is a delicious recipe! You can cook the bacon ahead of time or you could buy the pre-cooked bacon at Costco. You can serve this hot or cold so you can make it in the morning and have a cold salad at night! This is a great recipe to just kind of still hold on to those summer yummy flavors!

My Meal Planning Process

I pretty much keep one printed copy of my meal plan above my desk in my room and then I keep one in the kitchen where everyone in the family can see it. So nobody needs to ask me a million questions!

Here’s the thing. I teach that we only need five meals a week. You need to check your calendar when you’re meal planning maybe you don’t need five meals. I started meal planning seven meals a week and then I realized that we had way too many leftovers and we were wasting groceries.

So now, I make sure all the meals that we choose to make, makes enough so we do have a little bit of leftovers and then we do a leftover night once a week and then we do a pantry night. Pantry night means like cereal, canned soup, quesadillas, whatever you can find in the pantry that we don’t already have set aside for dinners.

We also budget or plan to eat out at a restaurant is we want. Eating out isn’t bad! It’s actually something really fun that you and your family can do together building memories. If it’s something you guys have fun doing together, you just have to plan for it make room in your budget for it.

It’s not a bad word… you can eat out…. it’s fine!

Meal planning is what saves our family sanity because it saves me sanity! So that trickles down. So which is why I feel so strongly that meal planning is so important! Not only does it save your sanity every single day of the week, it also saves you hundreds of dollars a month! You’re not wasting food and you’re not continually buying more and more groceries because you’re heading to the grocery store all the time.

If you like these recipes, be sure to click this link and check out our Meal Planning on a Budget Membership. This is where I share my meal plan and grocery list all done for you!

WATCH me meal plan!


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