3 Daily Tasks – That Make Life Easier!

Life is busy, am I right? We need to simplify life so that we can enjoy time with our family. There are so many things going on but I have come up with 3 daily tasks that you can do that will help make your life easier!

Number 1 : Make Your Bed

Why do I like making my bed? It gives me a clear space to think while I work and makes me feel accomplished as soon as I start my day. Before I made my bed everyday, I would walk in to my room and immediately get this feeling that I did not want to feel. Making my bed is something I do everyday that helps my mental clarity!

Number 2 : Prep Your Dinner in the Morning

Let’s talk meal prep. I typically do this in the morning while we are making breakfast. So what I do is go take a look at my meal plan that I already have planned out, and look at what we are having that night. So, then I go to the fridge and I want to make sure all my meat and veggies are chopped, marinated, and ready to go!

Number 3: Clean Up Your Kitchen Every Night

So, for me, I like to have my kitchen cleaned up by the morning so that every morning you can start your day off with a clean, fresh house. But if the kitchen is dirty, you are going to have twice as much work for the next day. You might not even have all the dishes you need for the next day. The day just runs smoother with a clean kitchen!

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All of these 3 daily tasks will help make your life easier, I promise! Every tasks takes less than ten minutes and will save you so much time and frustration the next day. Think about all the extra time you will have to spend hanging out with your family and doing what you enjoy most!

Hope these tips help!



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