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5 Things to Stop Buying at Costco

The store that has everything! You can literally buy anything you need from birth (diapers) through your last day (casket). But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be buying it!

It is really common to think that Costco has the very best deals. Don’t be fooled!

First, let me just say that this is an amazing store, I am a huge fan! I do my monthly grocery shopping there every single month actually!

But, though it is filled with great deals, there are a few things that you really shouldn’t be buying there. In fact, these few products are really a “bad deal” when you buy them at Costco.

Dont even think about buying these 5 things from Costco! You might as well throw your money in the trash!

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5 Things to Stop Buying at Costco
  1. Cereal
  2. Deodorant
  3. Shampoo and Conditioner
  4. Razors
  5. Cleaning Supplies

If you’re not going to be buying these things at Costco any more, where should you buy them? Remember that smaller regular grocery store just down the street? Yep, they will actually have the best deals and don’t forget about Target! Target is always stepping up their savings game.

Here is the breakdown of costs for these 5 products:

                                                Costco Price Per Item                       Couponing Price Per Item

Cereal                                       $0.14 per oz. (average)                      $0.09 per oz. (average)

Deodorant                                     $1.35 per oz.                                         $0.48 per oz.

Shampoo and Conditioner           $0.30 per oz.                                       $0.12 per oz.

Razors                                             $3.99 per razor                                   $0.80 per razor

All Purpose Cleaners                    $0.05 per oz.                                      $0.02 per oz.

Aren’t those prices just awesome and I’m not talking knock off brands here! I am talking about name brand, great quality products for super cheap prices! Those Costco prices are at minimum double what you should be paying!

How do you get these low prices? Match sale prices at your grocery store or Target with coupons and money saving apps. As a matter of fact, I will do that part for you! Every Tuesday right here on Pennies into Pearls I find all the rock bottom prices for you. Not only that but I match up any coupon deals and amazing app deals that you can stack on top of the sales to save you the very most money!

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So, with a little bit of watching you can get these products for less than half of what it would cost you at Costco. Does this change your view of your Costco shopping list a little bit?

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