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5 Easy Boredom Buster Activities on a Budget | Part 1

It’s the last few weeks of winter and everyone is getting a little stir crazy up in here! Okay, maybe not so much down here in San Diego. But I do feel for you my friend, who live in other areas where it is still cold.

Remember, I lived in Idaho for about five years. So I do know what it’s like those last few weeks of winter just hoping spring was near!

That is why my kiddos and I have put together these boredom busters to help you guys make it through the end of winter.

Five boredom buster indoor activities for kids all for under $5 total! Winter activities or rainy day activities for kids. Continue Reading →


I’m So Glad You Are Here!

With it being a new year and there are a lot of new faces around here, I thought it was time to update my “about video”. I get a little excited when I start talking about living frugal AND fabulous!

I am super excited to meet you and I hope that you enjoy this video! If you are looking for fun and informative videos on how to live frugal and fabulous then you don’t want to forget and SUBSCRIBE HERE to my YouTube channel. 

While you are still here, take a look around the blog. Here are a few places you might want to start:

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Happy New Year… 2016 Sneak Peek!

Isn’t the New Year so inspiring and motivating? There is something special about the beginning of a New Year and all the possibilities of change and improvement!

Have you set any goals for the New Year? Let me know in the comments bellow! Sharing goals makes them a little more real and keeps you a little more accountable. I personally love hearing other people’s goals because their goals motivate me to do better!

Are you feeling like this is the year you want to live frugal AND fabulous?!

This is my favorite website / blog for learning to live frugal and fabulous! Best tips for frugal living and having a fabulous life! Continue Reading →

7 Fun And Free Outdoor Activities For Kids

Have you guys been over to visit my friend Kristen over at Practical Mommy lately? Well let me tell you that Kristen has an endless amount of useful and fun information for any mom! So it is such a treat to get to have her as a guest today to share some of her great ideas with all of us! 

Make sure you go check out all her great advice like How to Help Your Child Wind Down at Bedtime and others at PracticalMommy.com

Thank you so much Kristen for sharing these great outdoor activities!

7 Fun and Free Outdoor Activities for Kids 

Summer activities can get expensive before you know it – summer school, vacation bible school, theme parks, family vacations, you name it. Need some budget friendly alternatives that also get your kids outside and spending some quality family time together? Here are 7 fun and free outdoor activities for kids.

7 Fun and Free Outdoor Activities For Kids - penniesintopearls.com - try out these super fun and free outdoor activities for kids that will keep you within your frugal fabulous budget!

Meet up with friends at the park

Meeting friends at the park has got to be the #1 best free option for summertime activities. Grab a friend – mom friends with kids, school friends, cousins – and head out to a local park. You can also branch out a little and try a park that is outside your home territory. Try visiting a park you’ve been to before or in a neighboring town.

Slip n slide in your front yard

So, get out your slip n slide (you have one right?) and start playing in your own yard.

If you don’t already have one, get one from Amazon now, so you can play later – add affiliate link.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, this video shows you how to make your own homemade slip n slide with lots of extras.

Hike a National Park

This is the real outdoors, not a kid’s park. This would be a great learning experience for kids of all ages to see the majesty of Nature in a National Park. Be sure to check for any alerts and notices before heading out and be aware that there are wild animals there.

Here is a resource to help you find a nearby National Park

Rollerskating, scooters or biking

Get out your summer gear and get moving. My daughter has a bike and she hasn’t ridden it much. If you don’t have a bike or scooter, check Craigslist or local yard sales to get one on the cheap.

Going on a bear hunt

This idea is based on a great book for kids. If you have the book already, you know that it’s about a family going on an adventure to try to find a bear. (If you don’t have the book check your local library or get it here – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt).They journey through tall grass, mud and water and more before finally finding the bear. Then they run all the way home. Journey through your neighbood and go on your own bear hunt with your kids. Then go home and read the book again together with some great memories attached.

Nature exploration

Get a nature book at the library and then head outdoors. Have the kids try to identify different plants and birds. Another idea is to visit a local farm or community garden and identify fruits and vegetables (and maybe try a few).

Here is a resource to help you find local gardens.

Make a mud pie

What kid doesn’t like to make a big mess? Give them free reign with some dirt and water. Let them make mud pies and then hose them down before they come back inside.

Go fly a kite

Last but not least, take your kids outside to fly a kite. If you don’t have one on hand, you can find them easily at Target, the Dollar Store or here on Amazon. There aren’t as many people flying kites as there used to be, but it is still a fun pastime for kids. It could even be a learning experience about wind patterns, clouds or airplanes.

7 Fun and Free Outdoor Activities For Kids - penniesintopearls.com - try out any of these super fun and frugal outdoor activities for kids to keep everyone entertained and enjoying the outdoors.

Thanks again to Kristen from Practical Mommy for all of these super fun ideas! I personally am excited to get our bear hunt started! 

Which activity do you think you will start with? Let me know in the comments below! Lets chat!

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