5 Easy Boredom Buster Activities on a Budget | Part 1

It’s the last few weeks of winter and everyone is getting a little stir crazy up in here! Okay, maybe not so much down here in San Diego. But I do feel for you my friend, who live in other areas where it is still cold.

Remember, I lived in Idaho for about five years. So I do know what it’s like those last few weeks of winter just hoping spring was near!

That is why my kiddos and I have put together these boredom busters to help you guys make it through the end of winter.

Five boredom buster indoor activities for kids all for under $5 total! Winter activities or rainy day activities for kids.

Take note, this is Part 1 which hints that there maybe, might, possibly, be a Part 2…

Well there will be! So make sure you are signed up for my newsletter and subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out!

Live frugal and fabulous! Live beautiful on any budget!

Insider peek. Our favorite boredom buster from Part 2 has to do with indoor ice-skating!

Hope you guys have fun watching (or reading). Let me know down in the comments which activity you are going to try first!

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5 Boredom Buster Activities on a Budget | Part 1

Paint Puddle Off-Roading

The first boredom buster is one that was a huge hit! Paint puddle off-roading!

You will need some large craft paper, small toy cars, and washable paint.

I found this roll of large brown craft paper at the Dollar Tree, taped it to the table, then all you will need to do is drop small puddles of paint all over the paper. Then let the off-roading begin!

Our little guy could have sat there all day long romping through all the paint. Don’t be surprised if hands become a big part of this project!

Bonus! After your littles are all done with the paint, it’s time for an indoor car wash. After setting down a towel, fill one bowl full of soapy bubbly water and one more bowl with clean water.

Had over a brush or rag and let them have fun cleaning up their own mess!

Indoor Racetrack

Our second boredom buster for you is an Indoor Racetrack.

Pretty straight forward, all you will need is some masking tape, which quality doesn’t matter at all. We found our masking tape at the Dollar Tree and used the same toy cars we already had at home.

Use the masking tape to outline a racetrack straight on your floor. Carpet, hardwood, or tile, the kids won’t care!

Be sure to include lots of sharp turns to earn bonus mommy points for creativity! Directing the track up furniture was a huge hit!

Life Size Sticky Spider Web

Using that same masking tape you used for the race track take this next boredom buster to the walls!

Have the kids help you prep for this activity by crumbling up small balls of newspaper or scrap paper.

Hallways and doorways are the perfect location to create a life size sticky spider web.

Take your tape and crisscross from wall to wall. Make sure that the sticky side of the tape is facing the same way.

Then let the kiddos start throwing the paper and see who can get the most to stick to the spider web!

Balloon Ping Pong

Number four on boredom buster list is balloon ping pong. For this one your might already have all the materials needed.

Hot glue, Balloon, hot glue, some sort of stick, and paper plates. Sticks from your yard or popsicle sticks are a few examples of what you could use.

Attach the stick to your paper plates using the hot glue. Making sure to leave enough of the stick hanging off of the plate to be used as a handle.

Blow up your balloon and have fun seeing who can keep the balloon off the ground the longest!

Cotton Ball Shooter

Our last boredom buster for today are these crazy fun cotton ball shooters.

Supplies you will need are, balloon, scissors, cotton balls (or any small soft objects), foam cup, hot glue, and a serrated knife.

Cut half an inch off the bottom of your cup. Without blowing it up, tie the end of your balloon in a knot.

Next, cut about half an inch off the top of your balloon making it look something like this.

Put a nice line of hot glue around the bottom end of your cup, then with the open end of the balloon, stretch and pull over the cup.

Press the balloon down while the glue dries.

Place one or a few cotton balls inside the cup and be prepared for a fun cotton ball war!


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