Guys Gift Guide 2018

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I need you to know that a lot of thought has gone into this gift guide. I have been keeping a running list of gift ideas in my phone over the past 365 days!

Last year I was frantically searching the internet 72 hours before Christmas (thank goodness for Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping!!), trying to find something worthwhile and within budget for hubby. Only to end up buying something he courteously acted excited to recieve. But we both knew it was a flop…

I made it my mission to give him a gift this year that had thought behind it and I could be sure it was something he would actually be stocked to get!

You’re not going to find “Ties” or “Socks” on this gift guide for guys!

What’s more is that I LOVE that I got input from our Pearls for these gift ideas! I put it out there on Instagram last week asking for your best gifts ever given to the men in your life. Dads, hubbies, brothers, uncles, or whoever. If it was a win, I wanted to hear about it!

You guys had some brilliant ideas and I’m excited to have included them in this roundup to share with everyone! So thank you so much!

 Let me help you figure out gift ideas for your guy! This gift guide for guys is full of unique and thoughtful gift ideas that the guys in your life aren’t going to have to pretend they like. They will sincerely be stoked once they open it up! Not to mention, these are all very affordable gift ideas with nothing costing over $50! Need some gift ideas for this Christmas? You’re gonna want to watch this!

How to Never Pay Full Price on Your Gifts

Before we head into the gift guide, I need to remind you about one of my favorite ways to make sure I am never paying full price on any of the gifts I’m giving. I’ve talked about them many times before here and on my Instagram Stories, I love Shoptagr! I’ll refresh your memory on who they are real quick.

Shoptagr is a totally free Google Chrome extension for your desktop. They also have an app you can download to your phone making it crazy easy to shop as soon as an item is restocked or goes on sale.

They are a must have when doing your online Christmas shopping and coming in under budget!

It’s super simple.

  1. Download the Google Chrome extension to your desktop and be sure to install the browser button that will appear in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Go to the supported website where you want to shop, on the specific single product page, find an item you are wanting to buy but refuse to pay full price for.
  3. Click the Shoptagr button that you just installed. Depending on the product you are watching, a window will pop up prompting you to choose what size and/or color you would like.
  4. Save the details to a customized wishlist that you set up within your Shoptagr account.
  5. Once an item on your wishlist goes on sale or comes back in stock you can get notifications via email or mobile push notification.

Once you are notified, you can click the link directly within Shoptagr and they will send you straight over to the retailer’s website. This is a huge help in making sure you do not miss out on the deal!

I really love the option to organize your watched items into wishlists! That way I can easily keep track of gift ideas and prices per person or occasion.

They make shopping smart on a budget so easy! Instead of leaving items in your shopping carts across several different websites and then always logging back in to see if anything has gone on sale, you can watch, organize, and access everything you want in on place!

I use Shoptagr to watch any item I want to buy online that isn’t currently on sale. I have it watching several items on my Christmas lists for my hubby, the kids, and even our parents and siblings. They are partnered with over 3,000 stores, so chances are if you want a good deal on something online, they can help you save!

Click the link in the description box to download Shoptagr and give it a try.


Gift Guide for Guys

Alright, let’s dive into these gift ideas! Shall we?

Most of these gift ideas can be found on Amazon. For no reason other than I do most of my shopping there because their reviews are very reliable, it’s easy to compare prices, and they have Free 2-day shipping for Prime members. Not to mention that they are one of Shoptagr’s partners and will watch prices for you.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can click the link below to click here for a free 30-day free trial.


National or States Park Pass

If your guy likes the outdoors, then this is going to be a winner for sure! A National or States Park Pass covers entrance fees to the parks for the driver and all passengers in the car. Now a National Parks Pass is around $80 but if you keep an eye on the prices they occasionally have prices through stores like REI. If you don’t need a pass for the entire COUNTRY, buying a states park pass or regional pass is a great idea with prices coming in at around the $30 mark.


Deep Tissue Massager

My hubby’s parents have one of these and we always fight over who gets it first every time we go over to their house! My sister-in-law was the first one to turn us all on to this piece of heaven. What’s awesome about this specific model is that you can use it to relax any sore muscle. It’s not limited to one area like a neck or back.


Sports Tickets

Now this can get pricey really quick, but I know that for our local major league team (nothing too impressive unfortunately) during the off season they offer ticket bundles for the upcoming season. One year for hubby’s birthday I found an awesome deal for two tickets for two games for around $40! The seats were decent and it was a great savings. He was so excited when he opened the gift!


Bug-A-Salt (Salt Gun)

We personally do not have one of these but I have heard on several occasions my husband wishing he had one as he watched other guys on YouTube having a blast with their salt gun! This gift is normally priced right under $50 but again, if you have Shoptagr keep an eye on the price for you, it routinely goes on sale for closer to $40.


Camping Hammock

I have tried on multiple occasions to purchase this as a gift for most of the guys in our family, only to find out that I am too late because they all already own one and LOVE them! They are lightweight and convenient to keep in the car. With these hammocks priced around $20, it’s a no brainer helping make sure your guy is always be ready to relax.


Bluetooth Grilling Thermometer

Our Pearl Anne-Marie suggested getting our guys an iGrill. She said that it is her dad’s favorite gift he has ever gotten! It’s a thermometer that you use grilling that sends readings to an app on your phone. So you don’t have to keep opening the hood of your grill or poking holes in your meat. You get notified when the temp reaches exactly what you want. So cool! This is another gift that you’ll want to wait for a price drop on. It normally sells for $59.99, but at the time of me recording this it’s on sale for $39.99 and I have seen it at this price several times before. So be patient and wait for the sale!


Gift Cards For Fun Date Nights That HE Would Love!

This idea came from Amberly @aprioritizedmarriage (Love her and following her on Instagram!). She suggested buying our hubbies gift cards for fun date nights that HE would have a blast doing! The first thing that came to my mind was finding a deal on a gift card for a shooting range. I know my hubby would love that!  


Walkie Talkies

Turns out when you are on the search for walkie talkies for men, they officially call them “two way radios.” Definitely more manly sounding!

Yeah we all have cell phones. But there are the occasions where you might not have service. Like if you were out camping in the middle of nowhere. Side note: Doesn’t that sound nice? No cell service! But they are also a blast to have just for fun!

We have used them on road trips before. And it seems like anytime our kids get their walkie talkies out to play, their dad always takes over. So I’m thinking it’s about time he gets his own! You can find a pair of legit walkie talkies with great reviews on Amazon for anywhere between $20 and $50.


Fishing License

Our Pearl Mrs. Stich loves the idea of gifting something to do. One of her ideas I really loved was giving a fishing license as a gift! I know for us this is not something we would normally go out and buy but I know by hubby would love and use it all the time if he got it as a gift! In most states the cost for a license is really reasonable coming in under $30. Just do a quick Google search to find licenses in your state.


Lego Sets

It they can be honest with themselves, most dads are more excited about the Lego set they bought their kid for Christmas. So why not buy them their own set? The brand name Lego can get pretty pricey but there are a lot of fun projects you can find for close to $50.


Bluetooth Speaker

This gift idea came from our Pearl Bethany. She bought her hubby a $20 bluetooth speaker last Christmas and says he prefers it over the other $300 gift she bought him! You can really find a quality speaker at a very affordable price now. We have one and we love how we can easily move it where we need it or even take it with us to places like the beach or on a picnic in the mountains.


Annual Park Pass

Our Pearl Stacie shared the idea of gifting an annual park pass to places like a wildlife park or local zoo! I know my dad would love this because then he could come with the grandkids anytime we go.


An Experience!

So many of our Pearls said they love giving the gift of an experience! This is one of my favorite things to give. My favorite place to find great deals on an experience is by using Groupon. All deals are specific to each city you search.

Recently for fathers day, I bought my dad a self guided scavenger hunt around San Diego. I new he would love it because not only was it an adventure, you got to see parts of the city we normally don’t visit, and the scavenger hunt tells you interesting tips, facts, and history as you go along.

Also for Father’s day, I bought hubby a Groupon deal for us to go on a high speed jet boat ride around the San Diego harbor. It was SO much fun! I won some serious wife points with that one!

If you don’t already have an account with Groupon, you can use my link below to sign up. It’s also totally free!


Don’t forget to use Shoptagr to watch for price drops on any of these gift ideas! If you are having a hard time making a decision, what I like to do is watch the prices on all ideas, and then the best deal I find first wins!


What Are Your Tips?

I would love to hear from you what the best gift you ever gave a guy in your life was! Let’s chat down in the comments!

I’ll talk to you very soon! xoxo


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  • Amberly
    December 7, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    I’ve been using Shoptaggr since you first suggested it on Instagram and it has been a game changer this holiday season! Thank you so much for telling me about it!

    • Brittany Cooper
      December 13, 2018 at 5:45 am

      Yes! Im so glad you like it! Don’t you love free tools like this!?