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Breakfast Banana Split

Who want’s to eat a banana split for breakfast?! I am always in the mood for a nice sweet breakfast but this one actually is going to be good for you! No need for any guilt here. Actually, you can feel good about yourself for making such a smart choice in eating this sweet bowl for breakfast this morning!

With bananas (of coarse), strawberries, blackberries, granola, and a low sugar yogurt, this breakfast is going to leave you and your family feeling full and energized for your day. My kids actually love having this for breakfast! I let them pick their own toppings and “cook” their own. Super easy to put together and fun for the kids! They love to help make their own food.

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Fish Tacos with Apple Coleslaw and Chipotle Yogurt Sauce

Today you are all in for a special treat! Not only am I sharing this deliciously light fish taco recipe but I sharing with you a $800 cash giveaway! Keep reading for more details!

Before I married my husband, who is a San Diego native, I had never even heard of something called a “fish taco”. He introduced me to one up in Salt Lake on a visit once while we were dating. It was battered and deep-fried. Not what I was expecting and I wasn’t that big of a fan.

But one summer I came to San Diego to visit him (while we were dating) and he took me to a fish taco shop called Wahoos Fish Tacos. Maybe you have heard of them? Well, their tacos are SO good! They grill their fish, use a corn tortilla, and serve it with a lite bed of cabbage on top. Add a side of cilantro rice and black beans and I am one happy girl!

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