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Darling DIY Pencil Case Tutorial

Get ready for a super cute and super easy sewing project brought to you from Charlene over at Thinking Outside the Pot. Not only is this tutorial super easy to follow along and you end up with a really cute DIY pencil case at the end but she has even more great ideas on her blog! So make sure to check it out once you get all these tips. 

Thanks again Charlene for sharing your super cute craft with us! 

DIY Back-to-School Pencil Bag - penniesintopearls.com - Follow these easy steps to make your own DIY pencil bag. Get the kids back to school in style and on budget!

Brittany contacted me at the beginning of the summer to see if I wanted to do this post. I was so excited to do a back-to-school post for her. I love Pennies into Pearls. It is such a fun site, and I love how much you can learn from Brittany.

Her motto of making pennies into pearls is just so clever. Sometimes it is just easier to go buy something rather than make it. Is it really saving you any money though? I think not! I love that so many things can be made yourself easier and cheaper rather than buying them.

If you visit my blog Thinking Outside the Pot you will see how much I love Diy projects. I have several different diy projects that I hope you all will love.

I am so in love with this new diy back-to-school pencil case I made! It’s so easy and I made it in about an hour. I am sure the next one I make I will be able to make it quicker though. They are just that easy. This would be a great project for your kids to do during those last weeks before school starts. Crazy that summer has flown by so fast, and school is about to start. Lets start out a great year with a pretty rad pencil bag. Enjoy!

How to Make Your Own DIY Pencil Case

Things you need:

1 fat quarter fabric for the lining

1 fat quarter fabric for the outside piece

1- 9 inch zipper


sewing machine

measuring tape


1st step: Cut both fabrics to be 9.5 x 5.5. You will need two of each fabric.

DIY Back-to-School Pencil Bag - penniesintopearls.com - Follow these easy 4 steps to make your own DIY pencil bag. Get the kids back to school in style and on budget!

2nd step: Place one of your outer pieces right-side up, and place the zipper face down along the long edge. Place the lining piece on top of the zipper, right-side down. Pin in place. With a zipper foot, sew all three layers together along the top edge.

DIY Back-to-School Pencil Bag - penniesintopearls.com - Follow these easy 4 steps to make your own DIY pencil bag. Get the kids back to school in style and on budget!

3rd step: Fold the sewn pieces out of the way, and sandwich the other half of the zipper between the other two pieces of fabric. Outer fabric right-side up, zipper right-side down, lining fabric right-side down. Pin in place, then sew this edge.

DIY Back-to-School Pencil Bag - penniesintopearls.com - Follow these easy 4 steps to make your own DIY pencil bag. Get the kids back to school in style and on budget!

4th step: Pull the fabric layers away from the zipper, and press with an iron.

5th step: Pin the lining fabrics together and the outer fabrics together, folding the seam allowance and zipper toward the lining. Make sure to leave your zipper halfway open. Also I always put two pins right where I am leaving an opening. This way you don’t forget to leave it open.

4th step bag

6th step: Sew around the edges of the lining and outer fabrics, leaving an opening of about 2 inches on the bottom of the lining.

7th step: Snip the corners and excess zipper tape, and turn the bag right-side-out by pulling the outer fabric through the gap in the lining. After you do this, you may need to fiddle with it to get the corners all straight. I pulled the lining out a little and used my sewing machine and sewed the opening up with a zig zag stitch.

pencil bag

Tip: if it bugs you that the lining is not attached to the outer fabric you can sew fusible lining between the fabrics then iron it. This will keep it in place. I just thought it worked great with out. 

Don’t forget to check out my blog Thinking Outside The Pot!

What do you think?
So don’t you just love this super easy and cheap idea from Charlene!? Have you ever made something like this before? Are you motivated to try it out? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about your back to school projects! 


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They are so simple to make and they don’t have to be just for boys! Add the bow tie onto a cute little hair clip and it’s all ready to dress up any outfit for your little girl or even yourself!

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