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$2 Thrift Store Bulletin Board Makeover


Check out this fun 15 minute bulletin board transformation, what a great way to decorate your home office and help keep you organized!  This DIY cork board is a great way to salvage an old cork board you may have lying around!


Completely blank sits a white wall in my kitchen, just begging for a bulletin board.

I first thought, “Cool, I’ll just go buy a piece of cork board and put fabric over it, call it good.” Well, turns out cork board is not that cheap.

Plan B, keep my eyes open for an old bulletin board to refinish. Turns out, it didn’t take me long to find one at a local thrift store.

Best part, I bought it for only $2! After purchasing the board, fabric, and tacks, I spent total about $8. Not bad at all for a completely custom bulletin board!


Learn how to makeover an old bulletin board in less than 20 minutes and for just a couple bucks! This is the perfect DIY makeover for an old thrift store bulletin board find. Step-by-step directions with tips on where to get the cheapest supplies! Continue Reading →


DIY Drink Station

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Cakes, cookies, pizza, hot dogs, chocolates, ice cream, candy, chips, and dips. Oh man! For me, the very first thing I think about when it comes to throwing a party is the food!

What about you? What’s the first thing you start thinking about when you hear the word party?

With all the amazing food around, you cannot forget the chilled drinks! Our family’s favorites are yummy juices, root beer, and water. Well, the water is more my favorite but the others are a majority vote!

A really popular trend right now in party décor is incorporating vintage furniture. I for one, am a huge fan! I love the charm that an old piece can bring to any party theme. Even if you have a modern theme, a pretty piece of furniture nicely tied into your theme can make a huge statement!

This idea is what brought on the inspiration for this DIY drink station.

Such an easy DIY project to make a HUGE statement for your next party! DIY drink station for only $20.
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$5 Thrift Store Makeover

Does anyone else get as excited as I do when I head out to the thrift store? I’m not sure exactly what it is but the excitement of not knowing what I’m going to find just makes me so happy! I guess it’s kinda like a treasure hunt!

When it comes to repurposing or refinishing thrift store finds, spray paint is your best friend! It makes anything look new again and you can make any thrift store treasure match your home décor perfectly.

Thrift Store Makeover project for only $5. I love how this thrift store makeover turned out and for so cheap! Learn tips on how to transform thrift store finds into something fresh and new. You will never know it came from a thrift store! Continue Reading →


$5 DIY Photo Canvas

One of my very favorite things to do is find something in a store that I really really want but there is no way I could afford it. Well, I guess that’s not the fun part. The fun part comes when I go home and figure out a way to make that same thing for way less!

This was such an easy and cheap DIY photo canvas tutorial!  I've been wanting a big canvas of my family but they are so pricey.  This was such a simple DIY photo canvas and I love fun picture crafts!

That’s the case here with creating your own DIY photo canvas. This project is super straight forward and simple. I was able to make this entire project for only $5!

DIY Photo Canvas using cheap engineer prints. Quick and cheap diy to get an expensive Photo Canvas look for less. How to make a photo canvas using engineer prints and mod podge.  Continue Reading →


DIY Craft – Roped Hurricane Vase

I have another easy frugal fabulous home décor project for you today! When I say easy I really am not kidding around! The supplies and time you need are very minimal and the total cost of east of these ended up around $2.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

Copycat Inspiration
The original expensive piece that I used for inspiration on this project was spotted at one of my all time favorite stores Homegoods. As I walked into the store they had a beautiful table decorated with all sorts of nautical or roped items.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

I walked up to these beautiful vases to see how much they cost, retail was about $25 each! I knew right then they weren’t meant for me to purchase that day but to go home and find something similar I could make for way less money! A DIY craft idea was born!

Items You Need
Any size glass jar or vase you like
Hot glue and gun
Rope (I bought this 50ft spool of rope at Home Depot for under $5)

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

DIY Craft How To

1. Make sure to get all of the gunk and dust off of your jars. I found these at one of our local thrift stores but they had this broken-apart stick design all over them. Luckily they just slipped off and soap and water was all I needed.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.
2. Decide where you want to place your rope. I was going to try and do an exact copycat design duplicate with these and the ones I saw at the store. But after I finished the first, I decided against that idea.
3. Start attaching the rope by placing a ribbon of hot glue along the base of the vase. Be sure to attach the rope before the glue dries. For the first layer or two of rope you will want to continually attach each part of the rope with glue.

As you are working try to keep the rope tight and each layer close together. You can do this by gently pressing down on the layers each time you add glue.

Once your first two layers are attached you can start using less glue. I used a small amount (about 1” long) on opposite sides of the glass about every two to three layers. But with your last two layers you will want to go back to using more glue.
4. Finish off the rope when you think it looks fabulous by doing a diagonal cut along the rope and attaching with hot glue. Try to tuck the end of the rope gently behind the lower layer.

Roped Hurricane Vase - penniesintopearls.com - Easy DIY craft idea from copycat Homegoods decor. Super easy to follow tutorial on DIY craft project.

That’s it! So quick and super frugal fabulous! Right now I am keeping these beauties on one of my entry tables in our home but my plan is to get some large candles to put inside each vase and move them out to live on our porch. Maybe when the holidays come along I will switch the candles out for some Christmas lights. So many options…

What do you think?
Where is your favorite place for DIY craft inspiration? Do you have some vases already at home that you want to do this project to? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s chat!

Mason Jar Crafts – Rope Handled Lantern

One of my favorite things to do when it comes time to relax is sit back and look through catalogs from fancy-pants stores that I can’t even afford to shop their clearance section. You know the kind of stores I’m talking about…

You might be wondering why I like to torture myself. The truth is that it isn’t torture at all. I get so excited when I see something that literally costs hundreds of dollars and I know I can make it for a fraction of the price! Yep. You can to!

Mason Jar Lanterns - penniesintopearls.com - Crazy easy mason jar crafts! Super easy way to create your own Pottery Barn copycat craft! Continue Reading →


$3 Thrifty Craft – Chic Painted Wood Bowls and Tray

I have shared my excitement about our local Salvation Army before and this tutorial will be no exception! Every Monday their entire store is 50% off and anything that has a price tag dated older than 14 days is 75% off! Take those discounts off an already low price and you have yourself a great deal! Does your local Salvation Army have the same deals?

Case in point, these beautiful wood bowls and tray. For the entire set I only paid $3! Perfect thing for a thrifty craft! For my kitchen, I am trying to collect more natural elements to add to my lacking décor. Natural woods and earthy colors make a kitchen feel so fresh and welcoming. (In my nonprofessional opinion)

painted wood bowl Continue Reading →


Thrifty Chic Inspiration

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End Table Collage

You may have heard of “Shabby Chic” before. But what is “Thrifty Chic?” That is when you find something super cheap, it may be second hand or it may just be something new you found at a really great price. Add your own unique twist and wa-la, you have a one of a kind pretty piece for your home. Thrify chic!
The best place to be inspired for a thrifty chic masterpiece is a second hand store. I have started making it a part of my weekly routine to stop by a few thrift stores in town. One in particular that’s not too far away has really great prices and really great gems.

I thought it would be fun if we could all share these soon to be chic projects that we find with each other. I’ll start! I have a corner in my living room where blankets are piled up, toys accumulate, and clutter finds refuge. I have been in search of the perfect thrifty end table to put there. This week I may have found it. What I love about this piece are the curvy lines and the texture of the drawer. In the past searching, everything I found in my price limit was very boxy. Not this little baby. The only thing I am not excited about is that it’s not solid wood. Major bummer for durability! But I figured for this phase of my life with little kiddos climbing on anything they can reach, this was a great investment towards my décor transformation. Originally priced at $30, marked down to $20, then take 50% off. I got this piece for only $10!


End table close

The plan. Sometime in the not too far future (I hope) a simple make over I think will help this thrifty find turn chic. Sand it down just enough so I can get some paint to stick. Put a few coats of paint and then a little rough sanding to give it a rustic look to match my TV stand.

This one is for my kitchen. Ever since we have moved into this house I have wanted something to go on a blank wall right behind our kitchen table. I decided I wanted to make a cute bulletin board that I could display kids art. After looking into how much corkboard cost I realized I would need to either find a different material to use or find a used board somewhere. Here she is! I only had to pay $1 to take it home!

The plan is to take the frame off the board then cover it with some kind of fabric batting to soften the edges and cover that with a cute green print fabric to tie it into the kitchen. I love the color green in the kitchen. It makes it seem fresh in there. Probably add some kind of boarder. Stay connected to see these frugal finds get their chic makeover!