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4 Baby Steps to Saving Hundreds Each Month – Tips for Saving Money at ANY Store

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Heart is rapidly beating, clammy hands, drips of sweat gathering on my forehead.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious! This is what happens as I head for the checkout when I know I am going to be paying full price. It’s horrible!

It hasn’t always been this way. There once was a day when I would walk into the store and just buy whatever I wanted or thought we needed. I didn’t pay attention to the price then casually placed everything into my shopping cart.

No, I wasn’t made of money. I actually had a lot less money then I do now. I wasn’t shopping smart and hadn’t quiet mastered these ways to save money yet.

I just cannot stand paying full price for anything and I am pleading with you now, PLEASE don’t pay full price!

Her tip on how to get EXTRA CASH back, using apps, is my favorite tip on how to save money! I love how all of these tips can work at ANY STORE and require zero to minimal prep work! Easy ways to save money! Continue Reading →


Casual Couponing Tip – Get Rid of the Newspaper!

I did it! I have been telling myself that I don’t need it and the papers just keep piling up in my closet, so I finally did it! I canceled my newspaper subscription!

For the past 3 or more years I have been a loyal subscriber to our local Sunday paper for the sole purpose to get the coupons. At first it was great! There were so many deals every week and I was using those clipped coupons multiple times weekly. Well, times have changed and there is just no need for them now.

Casual Couponing Tip Ditch the Newspaper Pin - penniesintopearls.com - Don't spend more than 15 minutes each week couponing and save $100s each month! Continue Reading →