4 Baby Steps to Saving Hundreds Each Month – Tips for Saving Money at ANY Store

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Heart is rapidly beating, clammy hands, drips of sweat gathering on my forehead.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious! This is what happens as I head for the checkout when I know I am going to be paying full price. It’s horrible!

It hasn’t always been this way. There once was a day when I would walk into the store and just buy whatever I wanted or thought we needed. I didn’t pay attention to the price then casually placed everything into my shopping cart.

No, I wasn’t made of money. I actually had a lot less money then I do now. I wasn’t shopping smart and hadn’t quiet mastered these ways to save money yet.

I just cannot stand paying full price for anything and I am pleading with you now, PLEASE don’t pay full price!

Her tip on how to get EXTRA CASH back, using apps, is my favorite tip on how to save money! I love how all of these tips can work at ANY STORE and require zero to minimal prep work! Easy ways to save money!

With a little patience and a teeny bit of planning, there really is no reason that you should be paying full price for anything either!

Give me 15 minutes of your time and I can teach you all you need to know!

Take five minutes to read this article, take five minutes to download the apps I suggest, and you will be on your way to saving hundreds each month with these simple suggestions!

4 Ways to Save Money

Wait just one minute before you skip onto the next tip! I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that you don’t have time to be clipping coupons. Before you completely write this one off, you need to try out this approach to Casual Couponing.

All you need to do is take five minutes and read this article on How to Casual Coupon and you will see that with just 15-30 minutes each week you will save $100s each month!

All you need are a handy pair of scissors, a reliable printer (this is the printer we bought from Costco), and something to organize your coupons.

There is a growing list of money saving apps that you can carry around on your smart phone that will help to avoid paying full price. Apps are one of my favorite ways to save money because they don’t take up any extra space in your purse!

These apps not only will save you money on groceries but they make it super easy to save a little extra cash when it comes to other purchases like electronics and clothing. Here are a few of my favorite apps that I currently have on my phone.

BONUS! When you refer your friends then they sign up and claim their first rebate, YOU and HER will get anywhere from $5-$10! Just for signing up!

This is how I build my cash back accounts so quickly!

I would recommend you posting on social media every time you claim an offer. Post a cute pic of you with whatever you bought and put a caption something along the lines of, “5 seconds and I saved $1.25 on this bottle of fancy pants hair treatment using Ibotta!” Do this every time you use the apps!

Then make sure and put your personal referral link in that same post! Bam! Your friends will want to save more money and you all win!


Always shop the sales if you are looking for ways to save money! You can read more on my How to Casual Coupon article on how to stack sales with coupons to get the very best deals on groceries but there is more to be saved then just on groceries.

Every week when you go out to your mailbox and bring in your “junk mail”, before you transfer it directly to your trashcan, take a minute to look through this week’s sales!

Keep your shopping list handy because there is sure to be a good number of items on sale that you can cross off your list. If there are a few things that aren’t on sale, try waiting until next week to buy them when they most likely will be discounted.

Between clothes, groceries, and other household needs, everything goes on sale at least once within a 6 week period. So hold out, be strong, and wait for the sale and save money!

You can do it! There are a lot of places like garage sales, swap meets, and farmers markets where it is almost expected of you to negotiate a better price. But did you know that you can do this at big name stores? It’s true!

More and more stores are doing price matching which is just another form of negotiating. Check your local stores policies and bring in a copy of their competitors pricing and you have an opportunity to knock the price down. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Stores that are locally or privately owned are also really great places to negotiate on price. Because they don’t have a huge corporation breathing down their backs, the owners have the ability to budge on the price. Even it it’s $0.50 off, every little bit helps!

Don’t pay full price ever again!
Are you feeling motivated to save even more money? These four ways to save money are super easy to follow. They don’t require much prep time at all! So there is no excuse for you to ever pay full price again!

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