September 2017 Real Life Family Budget Update

The key to keeping a budget that you can actually stick to, is to keep it evolving with your family. As much as I’m sure you would love to “set it and forget it”, that’s just not realistic. But the good news is that updating your budget is not hard at all! That’s what I am showing you in this month’s budget update!

We have some major changes coming up in relation to our family finances! As in, we hopefully will be buying a house!!! Fingers crossed! Be sure to keep up to date on our house hunt updates and to get all the details in real-time by following me on Instagram.

This new change will increase our “rent” from $1,200 a month to just around $2,800 a month. Super crazy!

Real Life Family Budget Update

The good news is that because we have been putting so much money into savings each month, our lifestyle won’t change much at all! The downfall will be we won’t be putting much into savings for the first year of homeownership. Don’t you worry! We have plans to pick up the pace again!

We have been doing these family finance updates for almost a year now! You can learn tips from each video as we adjusted our budget every month.

Take a look at our monthly family budget update to get all the details and exact number breakdown.



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I am in the works of getting a lot more detailed in these updates when it comes to our goals, spending, and savings. So be sure to keep an eye open for more helpful tips in the coming months!


Be sure to let me know if there is any questions you have or any more detail you would like to see included in the budget updates.


Thanks for stopping in and I will talk to you soon! Xoxo


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