How to Get Fit For Free – Why You DON’T Need a Gym Membership

Let me start off by saying that I definitely think that gyms are more than useful! There are classes to show you how to get fit, instructors and personal trainers that know a lot about staying fit and healthy. Gyms are a safe, dry, and warm/cool place to exercise.

There are many benefits to joining a gym. The problem comes when your budget doesn’t have room to pay the fees and membership.

4 ways how to get fit for FREE! No expensive gym membership required. Getting fit couldn't be easier. Tried and true ways how to get in shape without spending a single penny!

My second problem I personally find with signing up at a gym is because my husband’s schedule changes every 4 months, there is only 1/3 of the year where I would be able to make it to the gym in the morning before the kids wake up. Not exactly an ideal situation when trying to get fit.

While I do think there are many benefits of a gym membership, if you are like me with no room in the budget and no realistic time to make it in the building, then let me share with you how I have found ways how to get fit without spending a penny!

One more disclaimer: I am in no way a personal trainer or health/fitness expert. I am simply sharing ways I have found how to get fit for free.

How to Get Fit For Free

Free Weight Workouts / Body Weight Workouts

If you are looking to tone and strengthen your muscles, finding workouts that only require one or two sets of free weights, resistance bands, or by simply using your own body weight, is a great choice!

Do a simple YouTube or Pinterest search for the type of workout you are looking for and add in the word “free” and you will be supplied with plenty of choices.

Cardio / Crossfit / Running

Get outside! This is my very favorite way how to get fit for free! Go for a run, do laps in a pool (lake or ocean), or go play a sport. Luckily, I live in one of the nicest climates on earth and I am able to exercise outside comfortably for about 360 days of the year. But I did go to college in a very less comfortable temperature.

The winter days in Rexburg Idaho very frequently dip down to the single digits. Living in an area with extreme seasons is not ideal for exercising outside but it is still doable. You just need to commit. The most helpful tip I have found when dealing with the elements while exercising is making sure to dress the part! Save and make room in your budget to be sure and buy clothing that accommodates to the challenges of your climate. Think layers.

Online Workout Videos

On days that I am not able to make it outside for a run I simply get out my iPad and turn on one of my favorite free workout videos. After I have completed the workout one time through, the next time I am ready to watch that workout I will turn down the volume and turn up the music on a different device.

There’s an app for that

Oh. Man! Go to the app store on your phone and search the word “running” or “workout”. There is sure to be plenty of different FREE apps that will not only keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals and make it fun all at the same time!

Be specific in your search to help narrow down your search results. What are your fitness goals? You can find apps catered to the amount of weight you are looking to loose, the level of muscle you are trying to obtain, and even a varying range of training programs.

No more excuses!

Are you ready to get fit for free? You can do it! There is no absolute need to pay gym memberships and fees each year. Try out these tips on how to get fit for free and I am sure you will be living a more healthy life this year all while staying on budget!

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