Our Family Meal Plan

Need ideas to help meal plan for your family this week? Well look no further! I want to share with you one week of our family meal plan this month! Get ready for some super yummy, easy family favorite meals!

First, How I Meal Plan

I have been meal planning for so long that I have got what works for my family, down to a science. I only plan for 5 meals a week. Yep, just five. The other two nights we plan and budget to eat out or we have a leftover/pantry night. Having a leftover night on a weekly basis really helps eliminate food waste and saves us from wasting money!

Meal #1 – Homemade Quick Ramen

So, just like any ramen you start with a base broth and then you can add pretty much anything to it! I use bone broth from Costco for added protein. You can then add any vegetables in your broth that you want. You can add frozen veggies, leftover veggies in your fridge, or even fresh veggies. Then add some protein (I like using pork)!

To prep ahead of time for this meal you could go ahead and pre-cook and pre-chop your meat.

Meal #2 – Baked Mac and Cheese

Oh, who doesn’t love a pan of comfort food? This is a super cheesy, delicious recipe! I like to add in sausage and broccoli in half of this dish for some added protein and veggies. You can serve this with a side veggie or side salad and it makes a great meal that EVERYONE will love!

You can prep this ahead of time, assemble everything and have it ready to go when you need a quick meal!

Meal #3 – Crockpot Chicken and Gravy

This a super simple throw everything in and go meal! We love crockpot meals on busy days! So for this meal, your put the meat in and then the sauce and just cook it all day. You can serve this over some rice or a side of potatoes.

To prep this meal, all you need to do is wake up a few minutes early to get everything in the slow cooker and that’s it!

Meal #4 – Grilled Tri-Tip

Every now and then I just crave some good tri-tip. Also, I know a lot of husbands also like to have a rotation of red meat in their diets. Everyone in my family loves this. I also love that this meal is grilled which makes the tri-tip that much more flavorful!

To prep this meal, all you need to do is marinade your tri-tip meat. You could also buy it pre-seasoned and then you would not need to marinade!

Meal #5 – Homemade Chimichangas

To mix up the meal plan and add variety to our meals, we have homemade chimichangas. These are baked chimichangas so they are a little bit more light than a fried version. This is another recipe that you can throw anything you want or need to use up into the tortilla and bake!

To prep ahead for this meal, you could assemble them and have them ready to bake. You can also pre-cook your choice of meat.

More Meal Planning Fun!

Why I Love Meal Planning

Meal planning is so important to me! It has saved our family so much time, money, and stress. I always know that no matter how busy or chaotic our day is, dinner is not a worry or stress.

I want to share the joy and ease of meal planning with you! Check out my meal planning on a budget membership where I share our meal plan and grocery list with you every month!

Happy Meal Planning!



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