Monthly Grocery Shopping August 2020

Do you know how much you spend on grocery shopping each month? Before we started this amazing strategy for grocery shopping our family was spending over $1,000 a month on food! That was just me and hubby!!!

Now… now we only spend about $400 each month on groceries! That’s over $600 in savings Every. Single. Month!!!

That’s thousands of dollars saved each year! Want to see what it looks like to get a yummy budget friendly meal plan together and then go grocery shopping on a budget? Stick around and I’ll show ya! 


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BEFORE You Go Grocery Shopping Do This!


Promise me that you will never again go grocery shopping until you have a meal plan and detailed grocery list in hand. Do you promise?


Without these two things in place you will FOR SURE spend more money than you is necessary and/or the groceries you bring home will go to waste and end up in the trash… 


That’s money you could have saved and then put towards one of your super exciting goals! Didn’t you say you wished you could go on a family vacation next year? Meal planning is one way to save crazy amounts of money to put towards your fun goals!


No Time for Your Family Meal Planning?


Yeah I get it. There is kinda a lot of work that goes into family meal planning. But MAN! It is so worth it! In order to save tons of money, you need to head out grocery shopping with a detailed grocery list in hand with every item on that list having a plan for being used. 

But maybe you don’t feel like you have the time to sit down every week to plan it all out. Or maybe you just aren’t sure which recipes will taste amazing but still keep your grocery shopping budget low. 


I can help you with all of these family meal planning roadblocks that are keeping you from savings hundreds of dollars every month! 

I have created an amazing $5 monthly meal plan membership where you get:

  • Exclusive access to download and/or print my monthly meal plans!
  • ​All the time spent planning and organizing done for you!
  • Hand picked, tasty, and budget friendly, linked recipes. 
  • Weekly fresh item grocery lists to save you even more time and stress!

You can sign up to get my drool worthy, budget friendly, meal plans every month right here.

Meal Planning on a Budget Membership is MORE than just family meal planning! You also get a members only 5 minute monthly Smart Shopper Training video.​​

These are super quick 5 minute grocery shopping on a budget training tips, to help you stay current on the fastest ways to save as much cash as possible at the grocery store!​

Inside your membership is the ONLY PLACE where you will be able to get access to download and/or print my monthly meal plans!​

​​After you sign up, every month you get a shortcut to the meal plans and systems our family uses to SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS every month on our food spending!

Are you ready to sign up yet? It’s ONLY $5 a month which is insanely lower than the amounts of cash you could save inside the membership.

Now! Let’s Go Grocery Shopping!

Want to see how we stick to a $400 budget for all our monthly groceries?

I’m taking you in store with me as I go grocery shopping on a budget at Target and Costco to buy every single thing we need for our family that can last in the fridge, freezer, or pantry for at least 30 days!

Ready? Click the video below and let’s go grocery shopping!



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