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Meal Plan with ME!

Come, Meal Plan with ME!

Do you know what’s for dinner today? Life gets busy! There’s laundry, there’s school, there’s kids activities, maybe you work, maybe you’re still going on vacation. There’s so much that happens in your daily routine, let’s just take one of those big worries off your plate…….feeding your family!

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Family Meal Planning – July 2020 Family Meal Plan

Are you trying to figure out how to start family meal planning? I get it, it can be super tricky! 

Lot’s of opinions on what should be on the table which not only makes things complicated, but can also make your grocery bill quickly add up by the HUNDREDS!

No seriously! If you don’t do your family meal planning carefully you could easily add on a couple hundred dollars every month!

The good news is that you can still feed your family flavorful recipes, that are crowd pleasing, and still keep your grocery budget super low! 

Our family of five only spends about $400 a month on food! We used to spend over $1,000 when it was just hubby and I!

In this month’s family meal plan I am giving you all the yummy meals I’m feeding my picky eaters on a small budget!

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June 2020 Monthly Meal Plan – 20 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas

Are you a meal planning nerd like I am?

Okay maybe I really appreciate it a little too much…

But I mean, meal planning is one small habit, uniquely the way I do it, that has helped our family cut our food spending from $1,000 when it was just hubby and I,​​​​​ down to only $400 a month for our family of 5! 

​​That’s $600 SAVED each month, which equals $7,200 a year saved!!!

You might be thinking, “Hold on! Are you serious?”

Yup! You read it right and I am 100% serious! I’ve tracked down the numbers and you know what they say, “The numbers don’t lie!”​​​​

That’s why I LOVE sharing my monthly meal plans with you and I have June’s meal plan ready…​​

20 Fast & Easy dinner recipes for summer. These dinner ideas on a budget will not only save you money but they are also for family friendly dinner recipes.

20 Fast & Easy dinner recipes for summer. These dinner ideas on a budget will not only save you money but they are also for family friendly dinner recipes.

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May 2020 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

How’s it going Pearl? Are you and your family doing okay during this crazy time?

Our family is doing pretty good! It’s a huge bummer the weather is warming up here in San Diego and all our normal go-to spring activities aren’t really available right now. 

BUT we are looking for the good and finding other things to have fun. Like starting our garden! It’s been super fun! What have you been up to?

Anyways… ready for this month’s meal plan? I’m SUPER EXCITED because I worked hard to find some super healthy meals that not only fit into the Whole 30 plan hubby and I are doing this month (sometimes a few minor adjustments might be needed), but I think our kids are going to love! For the most part…

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April 2020 Meal Plan & Grocery Haul

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Spring is always a crazy time of year for our family. It’s the end of the school year, and we are gearing up to summer break (my favorite time of year)! 


This month, I am committed to sharing with you how my family deals with all of these  “unforeseen” events and plans for them as much as possible. 


This monthly grocery haul on a budget of $380 is really helping our family of five feel like we are eating healthy, while still sticking with a budget that is realistic while living in an expensive city. Take a look at our Costco grocery haul on a budget and learn tips to save money on groceries.
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