January 2018 Family Budget Update – Big Changes Coming!

Last month is the single most expensive month of my entire life! It this month’s real life family budget update I am going to show you how we are adjusting to some major financial changes in our family!

WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE!!! Although we threw down more cash then we have ever done before in entire life, it really doesn’t feel like much has changed!

Every single month we make it a priority to do our family budget planning! Every six months it’s a great idea to reevaluate planning your year, five years, and ten year goals! I’m sharing all of our family budgeting tips to help you start planning your year ahead of time and to start achieving your dreams you never thought would happen!

When you watch our family budget update you will learn the steps we took ahead of time to make sure that our house buying process and transition was as painless as possible!


FREE Budgeting Starter Kit

In all of my budget updates, I share with you the exact numbers of our family finances Excel spreadsheet. This system is what we started using several years ago that helped us get out of $20,000 in debt!

You can get the same budgeting starter kit for FREE! It includes not only the excel starter kit (you can open it in Google Forms), but there is also a printable version!

You will be letting your finances down if don’t also go look at my post and video on How to Start a Budget that Won’t Fail! That article is where you will learn how to use the the budgeting starter kit and how to customize it to your family’s specific needs.


FREE Financial Planner Kit for Couples

This is the workbook and exact system that hubby and I use to do our long term planning. This is how we turn our dreams into reality!

I know that sounds cheesy but it is 100% true! If you don’t make a plan now to achieve what you really want in life, it won’t happen!


Look at Our Family Finances

See what happened to our budget this month that has us SUPER excited about saving to buy a house!

Let me know in the comments anything you wished to see in the video! We are an open book ready to share anything we can!

Thanks for stopping in and I’ll talk to you soon! xoxo



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