October 2017 Family Budget Update – BIG Changes Coming Soon!

There are big changes coming to our family budget! We are in the middle of escrow on our first house ever! You can read more about our house hunt here.

We will be more than doubling what we pay for rent with our new mortgage payment (including taxes, PMI, and insurance). That means we need to make some changes with our budget.


How to Budget for Beginners - What a Budget for a Family of 5 Looks LikeThe best thing is that because we have already lowered our expenses, paid off all our debt, and have been putting thousands of dollars in savings each month, the change won’t affect on our lifestyle much at all!

Once we close on the house (hopefully!), I will be sharing way more detail about the cash that goes into the process. There is a lot more then what a first time home buyer might think!

But for now, take a look at our budget update for last month to see what changes we are preparing for now BEFORE the expenses get real!


Monthly Family Budget Updates

We have been doing these family finance updates for almost a year now! You can learn tips from past budget updates as we adjusted our budget every month!

Take a look at our monthly family budget update to get all the details and exact number breakdown.

October 2017 Family Budget Update


Download your FREE Budgeting for Beginners Starter Kit by signing up below. The kit contains both a printable and digital version!

I am in the works of getting a lot more detailed in these updates when it comes to our goals, spending, and savings. So be sure to keep an eye open for more helpful tips in the coming months!

Be sure to let me know if there is any questions you have or any more detail you would like to see included in the budget updates.

Thanks for stopping in and I will talk to you soon! Xoxo

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